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David Warner Wife Lisa Bowerman Age Difference: Children And Death Cause

Lisa Bowerman, the wife of David Warner, has announced the death of the actor who played villains in movies like ‘Tron’ and ‘Titanic’ passed away at 80. What Happened?

Warner’s lanky yet domineering charisma made him the perfect fit for a variety of villainous roles. He was also exceptional while playing more sympathetic roles as well. 

David Warner played in many great movies and dramas, including The Omen, Time After Time, Titanic, Star Trek, and Tron, to name a few.

He was initially a theatre artist who used to play minor roles and got his big break when he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The actor passed away due to a long fight with Cancer, where he valiantly fought for 18 months but finally succumbed to the disease. 


David Warner was happily married to his present wife, Lisa Bowerman, a British actress, director, and voice artist. 

Lisa was most popular for her roles in the hit TV series, The Married Life of the Cold War. She played one of the main characters in the series, portraying Professor Grisenko.

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David Warner’s wife, Lisa, also played Sandra Mute in the BBC One drama Casualty, which is another one of her most known works. 

David Warner was an Emmy-nominated actor, and his most recent appearance was in Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns in 2018.

Warner was at the peak of his career during the mid-70s through to the mid-80s.


David Warner was born on 29 July 1941 in the city of Manchester, Lancashire, England. 

He was the son of Ada Doreen Hattersley, his mother, and Herbert Simon Warner, his father, who was a proprietor at a nursing home. 

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He was born out of wedlock and brought up mostly by his parents. Warner spent the majority of his childhood with his father and stepmother, whose name is unknown.

Lisa Bowerman was born on 1 February 1962 in Malvern of Worcestershire, England. 

The two spouses share an age difference of 20 years. However, there are no significant details of their married life shared. 

David and Lisa supported one another quite well, especially during the last 18 months that David was fighting against Cancer. 


Warner was initially married to his first ex-wife, Harriet Evans, from 1969 to 1972. Details about their marriage are non-existent. 

His second marriage to his ex-wife, Sheilah Kent, took place in 1981. 

Sheilah worked at several recording companies like Heritage Records and Mercury Records.

David’s marriage with Sheilah was his longest, which lasted 24 years. This union saw the welcome of his son, Luke Warner. 

He is also succeeded by his daughter-in-law, Sarah.


David Warner has passed away on July 24, 2022, in Denville Hall of Northwood, United Kingdom, a care home for celebrities.

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The actor who starred in many blockbuster movies died at the age of 80 due to cancer-related illnesses.

His wife and family shared the news through media and social with an overwhelmingly heavy heart.

David had been fighting for just over 18 months against the disease. Just like his roles, he would be very tough and stand valiantly against the illness. 


According to CelebrityWorth, David Warner had an estimated net worth of $8 million at the time of his death. 

The veteran actor appeared in several hit movies, most notably Tron in 1982 and Star Trek.

Throughout his lifetime, he invested in many businesses and worked with several brands as well.

David Warner is considered one of the greatest villain characters in movie-making history. 

This is a very sad loss for the movie industry, and several notable names rushed to social media to relay their condolences.

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