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Michael Klim Health Update: Olympic Swimmer Battling With Chronic Illness, But Is He Sick Now?

Michael Klim health does not seem to be in good condition as the Olympic swimmer revealed that he is battling with a Chronic Illness.

Australian swimmer Michael Klim, born in Poland, is a gold medallist at the Olympics, a world champion, and a former world record holder from the 1990s and 2000s. He is credited with inventing straight-arm freestyle.

Health Update: Michael Klim Battling With Chronic Illness, But Is He Sick Now?

Michael Klim, a swimming star, recently provided an update on his fight against a rare neurological condition.

In 2020, Klim was identified as having a rare autoimmune disorder called chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, in which his body destroys the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerves. Unfortunately, it significantly impacted Klim’s emotional and physical well-being.

The Father of three finds it difficult to engage in routine activities such as walking and engaging with his kids, but he has learned a new strategy to keep it from overwhelming him.

Michael Klim illness
Michael Klim sharing about his illness.
Source: Instagram

He said that he takes an hour of the day, and during that time, he “feels sorry for himself,” whines, cries, and lets himself get down. However, after that one hour, he carries on with his responsibilities as a husband, Father, and coach.

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Sadly, Klim is still sick, and his health has gotten worse. Klim said earlier in October how his posture is now so compromised that he cannot travel to Australia as frequently as he used to for business and treatment, forcing him to leave his chosen home of Bali.

More About Michael Klim

Klim was born on 13 August 1977 in Gdynia, Poland, which makes him [calculate_years datestring=”08/13/1977″] years old as of [current-year].

He attended Wesley College and University High School in Melbourne for his education. He eventually got a job at the institution as the top swimming coach.

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When falling out of a window, Klim started swimming after it was suggested to him that a low-impact exercise might speed up his rehabilitation.

In April 2006, Klim wed Lindy Rama, a former model, and businesswoman in the fashion industry. The couple also has a son and two children. Unfortunately, there was no information online concerning their kids.

Michael Klim partner
Michael Klim with his long-term partner, Michelle Owen on vacation.
Source: Instagram

In February 2016, Klim and Lindy made their split public. As of 2022, Klim splits custody of his kids with his ex-wife and resides in Bali with his longtime partner Michelle Owen.

Michael Klim Net Worth [current-year]

According to Buzz Learn, Michael’s net worth is over $2 million as of [current year]. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by Klim himself.

Micheal does seem to like spending money as he owns a Porsche car which was shown in own of his Instagram reels.

Besides that, he also used to go on various vacations and trips with his family as he shared many wonderful pictures of them enjoying their life.

Michael Klim family
Michael Klim with his family on vacation.
Source: Instagram

Michael goes by the handle @michaelklim1 on Instagram and has over 40k followers. Michael seems fairly active on his social media sites as he posts pictures of himself now and then, along with his life updates.

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