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Conor Burns Reddit; This Friday, he was dismissed from his role as trade minister immediately as he said inappropriate things to Mel B. However, he has rejected that he had met Mel B after the singer told him publicly he made an inappropriate comment to her in a lift.

After standing in a respectable position, his actions and words are a huge concern for people. After his immediate dismissal, the case is currently under investigation.

This complaint from Television personality and singer Mel B has not only surprised the general public but a British politician serving as a member of the Conservative Party, Conor Burns himself!

Reddit: What Happened To Conor Burns And What Did He Say To Mel B?

Conor Burns, who served as Minister of State; in Northern Ireland since 2021, is removed from the role due to his action toward Mel B. 

Mel B hits out at Tory MP Conor Burns as he’s sacked over ‘sexual misconduct’ claims
Mel B hits out at Tory MP Conor Burns as he’s sacked over ‘sexual misconduct’ claims [Source- Pink News]
Mel B filed a complaint against him and tweeted about the same, mentioning the “serious misconduct” in the lift. Even though it was unclear what she was referring to what the politician had said, investing authority is all set for the same.

Burns later posted a series of tweets where he wrote: “I will fully cooperate with the Party’s inquiry and look forward to clearing my name.”

On the other hand, he has rejected the complaint filed against him. It is not clear what is true as the investigators have not concluded with the research. As per the Sun, the witness who commented to Party chiefs described his action as’ lecherous.’ 

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Reddit Discussion On Conor Burns And Mel B

There has been a series of Reddit discussions on Conor Burns and Mel B topics after the issue surfaced all over the internet. People are highly sensual in such misconduct and talk about their opinion accordingly.

After Mel B replies to a tweet denying him, saying, “Really?? You’re shocked about this complaint??? Let me remind you what you said to me in the lift…..”

When seeing Reddit thoroughly, people are amazed regarding the same. While some have pinpointed the issue, others have marked the issue’s depth as “spicy.” 

Not only that, but some people have also considered it to be a fake allegation. Being a social media platform, users keep their views and comment on the matter. However, the truth shall only be out after the real thing is known to all.

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Mel B challenges sacked Tory minister over ‘what you said to me in lift’
Mel B challenges sacked Tory minister over ‘what you said to me in lift’ [Source- Flip Board]

Conor Burns Net Worth 2022

Conor Burns, who has served as a political figure for many years, is the owner of 1.5 million dollars in net worth as of 2022. Likewise, he is a British politician who has represented Bournemouth West in parliament since 2010. 

He was a Conservative Party member who held the Minister of State for Northern Ireland from 2021 to 2022 and the Minister of State for Trade Policy from 2019 to 2020.

His net worth results from his attractive salaries in the high positions he serves. However, he has been dismissed from his post, so his net worth may decrease significantly if he does not get involved in other earning activities.

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