Are Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown related

Are Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown related? Zuri Craig, a gifted performer who once dazzled on “America’s Got Talent” and worked with people like Tyler Perry, has passed away.

A singing pair from Season 10 of America’s Got Talent was known as The CraigLewis Band. They came in the fifth position after the competition. A Georgian duet named The CraigLewis Band is from Atlanta.

The artists’ last names, Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis, are combined to form the name CraigLewis. In December 2009, Tyler Perry watched a YouTube broadcast. Tyler Perry’s assistant sent CraigLewis an email requesting a meeting with the person they know as “Mr. Perry,” according to the message.

He questioned them about their jobs the week they met Tyler Perry. Craig served as a host, and Lewis was a server at neighborhood Atlanta restaurants.

Are Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown Related?

People are curious to know how Zuri Craig and Anthony Brown are related. When Zuri was nine years old, he started singing after hearing music from the Plain Truth Baptist Church while walking home from a local convenience shop.

Zuri Craig was born in Metropolitan Washington, DC. Anthony Jamar Brown, whose backing vocalists go by Group Therapy, is an American urban contemporary gospel musician and artist.

Tyscot Records released Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy in 2012, he launched his musical career. Anthony and Zuri are both singers, but they are unrelated. 

Family Tree of Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown, whose hometown is Baltimore, Maryland, was born as Anthony Jamar Brown on October 22, 1981. In Upper Marlboro, Maryland’s First Baptist Church of Glenarden, where he later served as a worship leader, he was appointed Assistant Minister of Music in 2008.

Are Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown related
Anthony Brown in his birthday. Source: Instagram

Talking about Zuri Craig, he was nine years old; he started singing after hearing music from the Plain Truth Baptist Church while walking home from a local convenience shop. Zuri Craig was born in Metropolitan Washington, DC. Over time, his passion for music took precedence. He decided to try out for the Duke Ellington School of the Arts because of this.

After he agreed, a solo in the high school talent competition was promptly provided to him, and his debut performance was none other than Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

What Is the Net Worth Difference between Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown?

American singer, actor, musician, composer, and band member Zuri Craig was well-known. He makes a respectable living through his live performances and singing. According to some estimates, his net worth is around $1 million whereas Anthony Brown is a famous guy with approximately $2 million net worth. So, their net worth difference is not that huge. 

Talinf about Zuri’s death, from the family side, no cause of death has been given up. Although the reason for death has not yet been made public, more details might soon be available.

According to the media, Zuri Craig has never suffered from a chronic illness. Therefore, most individuals are shocked by this news.

Are Zuri Craig And Anthony Brown related
Zuri Craig Instagram image captioned Stop blaming those hemorrhoids on flamin hot chips! Source: Instagram

In addition, numerous online reports assert that Zuri Craig was involved in a fatal vehicle accident and died due to his injuries. However, there is still no official material to support these claims.

Medical subjects have tried to get in touch with their family and friends to ask about the incident. There have been no answers as of yet.

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