What Happened To Bob Ross? 

What Happened To Bob Ross: Death Cause Explored, Family And Net Worth

“What Happened To Bob Ross?” He died of lymphoma at age 52 on July 4, 1995. It has been more than twenty-seven years since his demise.

In addition to being a famous television host, he was also an art instructor and painter. He has contributed widely in these sectors through his posthumous internet presence. 

His art techniques are widely used till now even though he is not among them all. 

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What Happened To Bob Ross: Death Cause Explored

Bob Ross suffered from a deadly Cancer disease and died at 52. His Cancer was associated with complications from lymphoma.

It is a group of blood and lymph tumors that increase from special immune system cells called lymphocytes. While the tumors are usually not painful, fever, weight loss, and constant tiredness can be felt while suffering.

New Bob Ross documentary complicates the legacy of an artist who painted 'happy little trees'
A New Bob Ross documentary complicates the legacy of an artist who painted ‘happy little trees’ [Source- Prime Vedio]
Even though his treatment procedure was not clearly stated, these kinds of Cancer happen with the huge consumption of red meat and tobacco smoking.

As his personal life was with a ‘red-blooded American,’ he was possibly prone to those things, greatly resulting in the disease. 

He was capable of referring medical experts during that time, but none of the treatments worked out, and he had to leave this world.

Bob Ross Family

Bob Ross was born to Jack and Ollie Ross, a carpenter, and a waitress, and raised in Orlando, Florida. He also had a half-brother, Jim, who had already passed away.

Ross was married thrice in his life and had two children from his first wife and another from his teenage lover. His second child’s name is Robert Stephen “Steve” Ross, whereas the other one’s name is not known. 

His first wife was Vivian Ridge, who split the relationship with trust issues as she had suspected him of cheating on her in 1977.

Besides that, he married Jane, who died of Cancer in 1992. After two months after her death, he married Lynda Brown for the third time.

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The dark side of memed painter Bob Ross comes into focus in new Netflix documentary
The dark side of meme painter Bob Ross comes into focus in a new Netflix documentary [Source- SFGATE]

Bob Ross Net Worth At Death 

As per Twoinch brush, Bob Ross’s net worth at the time of his death was around 10 million dollars as a television host and an artist.

The Company he founded and his partners, the Kowalskis, traded art supplies and instructional material. It was a popular collaboration among them with huge success.

However, Ross was not paid anything for his TV show ‘The Joy of Painting.’ The show was a big marketing operation for his brand of paints and tools. Even though he did not live for a long time, he died rich as an owner of a successful brand and Company.

Bob Ross Inc. managed to further solidify Bob’s position as a pop culture star during his latter years. Beginning with “The Joy of Painting” on the Company’s twitch. Tv channel, the show quickly gained popularity on the internet platform.

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