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Politician Phophi Ramathuba Salary And Net Worth; Who Is Her Husband?

Phophi Ramathuba Salary is inquired about after she made news headlines. The MEC said that her health system has a limited budget, and she cannot afford foreign patients.

While the public calls her a xenophile, the politician has no regrets about what she said.

To know more about the controversy, stick with us.

Phophi Ramathuba Salary: Her Net Worth Explored

Phophi Ramathuba’s salary details for 2022 are yet to be disclosed.

However, per the reports by the South African Government Gazzette, a MEC receives a general salary of R 1,977,785. 

Henceas Phophi is also a MEC, we assure her salary must also be in the range of the amount mentioned above. Also, this cash package excludes all the other perks she is entitled to and receives from the government. 

Moreover, she is an aspiring, hardworking, committed politician and a medical person; her net worth is around $2 million.

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Why is the Limpopo MEC on Headlines? 

Limpopo MEC has made a headline after she made some comments about the patient in the hospital.

The patient was a Zimbabwean citizen who had come to South Africa after being in an accident in Zimbabwe.

Phopi Ramathuba giving a speech
Phopi Ramathuba giving a speech (Source: iHarare)

According to BBC news, Phophi said the patient was killing her health system.

Furthermore, she asserted that Zimbabwe, not South Africa, is responsible for her health. She further informed the patient that the president of Zimbabwe does not contribute to South Africa’s health budget, and her country’s health system is not a charity. 

Moreover, she also claims it is unfair that the people of her community cannot get health facilities because of foreign patients.

It was sad that the patient was lying in bed, waiting for her operation, while the MEC made all these comments and the other health personnel laughed.

(The video of MEC talking to the patient.)

Phophi Husband: Is She Married?

Who is Phophi Ramthuba’s husband? 

Well, we are not sure who is the politician’s husband. However, we assume that the lady is now married.

Do you know she even made headlines after discussing marriage in an interview?

According to TimesLIVE, the politician said that even after having a successful career, many women feel incomplete until they have husbands.

However, marriage should not decide a women’s success.

To support her point, she said that her mother always asked her to get married. However, her father used to defend her by saying, “her degree is her husband.”

Moreover, the MEC is blessed with 2 kids, and they are daughters. It is said that she was not married when she gave birth to her first daughter.

Her Age and Wiki

Phophi’s age in 2022 is 49 years old.

According to her bio on Wikipedia, she was born in Waterval, South Africa, in 1973. The politician celebrated her recent birthday on 15 th August.

Likewise, she grew up in a village called Mashamba with her 4 siblings.

Moreover, her parents, especially her father, supported her. Though African society at that time was not that progressive and open-minded toward their daughter, Phophi’s parents provided her with an excellent education.

Likewise, the politician is always seen appreciating her late father and credits him for all her life lessons and accomplishments.

He was a school principal who educated his children and encouraged his wife to complete her schooling.

The politician completed her schooling at Mbilwi Secondary School and then went to Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University to pursue her graduate degree in medical health and surgery. 

Similarly, Phophi then earned her Master’s in Medical Pharmacology from the University of Pretoria.

The politician revealed in one of her interviews that her interest in the medical field was intrigued after she saw one of her aunts wearing a nurse’s uniform.

So, after completing her education, she served as an intern at Mokopane Hospital. And later, she served as the Chief Executive of Voortrekker Hospital and the chairperson of the SA Medical Association.

As of now, Ramathuba has been serving as a politician since 2015.

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