What Happened To Shaeeda Sween’s Hair? Did She Have A Hair Transplant? Net Worth

Shaeeda Sween is a Trinidad yoga instructor, fashion designer, and reality TV personality.

Likewise, she rose to fame after participating in the ninth season of TLC’s reality dating series “90 Day Fiance,” which premiered on April 17, 2022.

Sween and her partner Bilal Hazziez were first presented in Season 9 of “90 Day Fiance,” and they immediately demonstrated promise.

As a result, people are desperate to search for more information about the relatively new unscripted television stars.
Shaeeda Sween covers her hair with a hijab as a part of her religion

Sewen practices Vinyasa yoga, an adaptable kind of yoga. She, meanwhile, has been updating her readiness since receiving her certification from Aura Wellness in the US a year ago.

She also draws in international students who get in touch with her after viewing her Instagram images. They were captured on camera and uploaded to the Inflexible Yogi’s Instagram.

It is distinct due to the association of gifts, which makes it easy for one person to flow into the next.

What Happened To Shaeeda Sween’s Hair? Did She Have A Hair Transplant?

The actress, who practices Islam and wears a hijab, has previously used Instagram to wish her followers a happy Eid Mubarak, Arabic for “blessed feast/festival.” Shaeeda and Bilal are in conventional Muslim marriages and share the same religion.

The Quran commands Muslims to dress modestly, and although Islamic head coverings can take many different forms, for some Muslims, girls wear the hijab.

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Throughout the performance and on her Instagram, Shaeeda has avoided posting any images in which she is not wearing a hijab.

When she was a baby, her hair seemed brown and slightly curled. As seen on the TLC star’s Instagram page, her mother, Trini, also wears a hijab while raising Shaeeda as a small child.

Aside from that, Shaeeda is living up to making history as the first hijab-wearing celebrity on the show. Although she has acknowledged that she occasionally removes it at home, she makes sure to cover her hair when filming.

It is unknown if she has done a hair transplant or anything with hair because her hair is unseen due to the hijab.

Furthermore, she has not shared relevant information publically.

Shaeeda Sween’s Net Worth

In 2022, Shaeeda Sweden’s net worth is anticipated to be between $1 million and $2 million.

Similarly, she makes a solid living through her hard work, which she devotes a lot of time to and to where she altogether presents herself.

Before discovering yoga, Shaeeda worked as an executive assistant and a logistics coordinator for a federal ministry.

 She left her 9 to 5 job and opened a studio in Port of Spain on Henry Street. “I wanted to pursue something I loved and make money simultaneously.” I also experimented with fashion blogging, but it didn’t bring in any money.

Shaeena does not have an age restriction in her class and motivates girls who have never danced or done gymnastics to perform better than everyone else.

 She began offering online courses during a pandemic, making it possible for students from London, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Iraq, and the United States to enroll.

The book Yoga for Inflexible People also included a profile of Shaeeda. She was additionally highlighted in the issue of Women.

Additionally, she has a retirement strategy that includes producing and marketing videos online.

Shaeeda Sween’s Relationship With Bilal Hazziez

Bilal Hazziez, a native of Missouri, has been identified as Shaeeda Sween’s romantic partner recently. The father of two and an affluent luxury realtor, Bilal is divorced. 

Bilal was the CEO and President of Premier Home & Investment, a Kansas City-based company that invested in homes with the potential to be sold for a profit for almost 17 years.
“90-Day” Fiance Bilal Hazziez Shaaeda Sween

On the other hand, Bilal just disclosed on Instagram that he has changed jobs and is now employed by the real estate company Malfer & Associates.

Nevertheless, in December 2019, the relator traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for seven days to be with his deal. This is because he could no longer stand to be alone due to their long-distance relationship.

They were assured of their love after spending time together. Shaeeda gladly agreed to Bila’s proposal for a Maracas beach wedding later.

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Shaeeda Sween Instagram

On social media, Shaeeda is seen to be very active. As a result, she has more than 160 thousand fans and followers on Instagram, whereas she follows around 445 people.

She has shared more than 150 posts, and the actor enjoys showing off her partner on Instagram.

Many of these lovebirds are praised and adored by the comment section for their popularity.

Also, she has shared several yoga poses, and her outfits are stunning in her feed.

In addition, she can be found on Instagram under the username @westindianbella, where people can stalk this famous personality and know more about her detailly and personally.

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