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Who Is Aljaž Škorjanec? Meet Janette Manrara Husband, Kids And Net Worth

Janette Manrara Husband, Aljaž Škorjanec, is a dancer and a choreographer like her. 

Slovenian dancer Oti Mabuse announced her retirement in February, making the Slovenian the second well-known professional dancer to resign this year.

The dancer and model Abbey Clancy shared the coveted glitterball trophy on their debut in 2013. Alja announced it on his Instagram page and expressed his “everlasting gratitude” to the program. The celebrity has been dancing since she was five years old. She has competed internationally for more than ten years and has won 19 Slovenian championships in ballroom and Latin.

Since he debuted on the program in 2013, fan-favorite Aljz Skorjanec has established himself as a familiar figure on Strictly Come Dancing.

The chiseled dancer, who is married to Janette Manara, a previous Strictly pro, has disclosed why he has suddenly left the popular BBC One program. American dancer Jannette Manrara was born in MIAMI. The American dancer was a regular on Glee before she joined Strictly. 

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Meet Janette Manrara Husband: Who Is Aljaž Škorjanec? 

Slovenian dancer and choreographer Alja Korjanec (born February 19, 1990) is best known for his work as a professional dancer on the BBC One dancing competition Strictly Come Dancing. 

He is wed to Janette Manrara, a fellow professional. Skorjanec and Manrara have traveled together in dance productions, including “Remembering the Oscars” and “Remembering Fred,” and both occasionally feature at Donahey’s Dancing With The Stars weekends. Psoriasis affects Skorjanec.

Korjanec was born in Slovenia’s Ptuj. He has won the ballroom, Latin, and ten Slovenian dance championships 19 times. Aljaz Skorjanec, a Slovenian professional dancer who is six years her junior, and Janette are married.

Aljaz Skorjanec
Janette Manrara Husband Aljaz Skorjanec At Their Wedding Day (Source: Instagram)

He joined Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 at the same time as Janette and performed as a professional partner there. Aljaz and Janette married on July 15, 2017, after becoming engaged in 2015.

When Janette and Aljaž married in the summer of 2017, the couple had three fantastic weddings in various places, including Slovenia and Disneyland. Before then, they had been dating for six years. The unexpected wedding vow that Janette Manrara and her husband Aljaz Skorjanec made retains the “magic” in their union.

Janette acknowledged: “Aljaz pledged to take his wife to Disney World at least once a year in one of his wedding vows. Except for last year, when everything was visibly closed, I have unquestionably gone once every year of my life.”

The couple commemorated their third wedding anniversary and posted steamy photos taken in a London spa.

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Does Janette Manrara And Her Husband Aljaž Škorjanec Have Children Together? 

Aljaz and Janette don’t have any kids right now.

Despite their hectic schedules, the couple hasn’t completely ruled out having children in the future. In an interview with Hello, the pair said they are beginning to plan for a family, adding that they are “taking it carefully.”

Janet stated: “Although there will never be an ideal time, we talk about having children frequently and cannot wait to start a family. “So that will undoubtedly occur. We’ll see when; when we don’t know. We’re kind of going at our own pace.

The emphasis is on work now since it’s going well for us. A dancer’s career may be pretty brief, especially if you reach a certain level. It’s reported that Jannette and Aljaz postponed having a child for a year to compete on Strictly 2021.

The career-driven couple decided to start a family after realizing there was no “perfect time.”

Janette Manrara Husband Aljaž Škorjanec Net Worth

Aljaz Skorjanec’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be approximately £1.5 million by Mirror.UK.

Other sources estimated his value is between £760,000 and £3.7 million. His dancing on Strictly, a role he claimed “changed my life forever,” is likely where most of his wealth stems. According to Bristol Live, the Slovenian is thought to make about £1,852 for each Instagram post.

Aljaz Skorjanec
Aljaz Skorjanec With His Wife At F1 Racing Event (Source: Instagram)

No matter how many gorgeous ballrooms I performed in during my competitive career, Aljaz remarked in his closing statements, “Stepping onto the sacred Strictly floor was the most nervous I had ever been.

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