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What Is Butter Boards Tiktok Trend All About? The Video Goes Viral On Internet

Butter Boards Tiktok video is going viral on the internet. What is this Tiktok trend all about? Let’s find out.  

Long ago, the food board craze developed a life of its own. Breakfast, charcuterie, cheese, and dessert platters were all served. Now, it is the butter board.

TikTok and Instagram’s newest trend, which focuses on visually appealing, shareable spreads, is currently taking over.

Additionally, the concept of Butter Boards Tiktok attracts a lot of interest. The hashtag Butter Boards Tiktok has received more than 84 million views as of today.

The trend initially seemed dubious to us. What makes butter and bread so fascinating when there are so many other meals you can put on a board?

Find out where the Butter Boards Tiktok trend started and what the Butter Boards Tiktok trend is about.

What Is Butter Boards Tiktok Trend All About?

Butter Boards Tiktok trend initially started on Instagram when Brooklyn-based chef Justine Doiron posted about it.

Justine claims that butter boards should replace charcuterie boards in a clip, which now has more than 8 million views and nearly 180,000 likes.

 Butter Boards Tiktok
Justine Doiron’s recipe for Butter Board become viral on Tiktok. (Source: The SportsGrail)

Doiron makes her living by producing food-related material, and her most recent work has sparked a brand-new social media trend going global.

Butter boards are becoming more prevalent on feeds from TikTok to Instagram because of the professional camera work and inventive condiment use of the full-time Brooklyn-based recipe developer and blogger.

The now-viral technique was first developed by chef Josh McFadden, according to Doiron, who established some high standards for the glammed-up bread accompaniment.

In an Instagram video showcasing her version with softened butter, flaky salt, lemon zest, herbs, and edible flowers, she declared that she wants to make them the next charcuterie board.

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How To Make A Butter Board? 

A clean bread or cheese board, some melted butter, and any seasonings or “toppings” your heart desires are all you need to make a Butter Board.

Now, you can personalize it by spreading the butter similarly to how you would apply toast and lathering it close to the board’s edges.

Doiron advises constantly adding a coating of flaky salt and citrus zest to the butter in her blog.

Then incorporate your preferred herbs and additional seasonings (they can be sweet or salty, as long as they go together, and you can cut them into bite-sized pieces). Mop up with bread for the most significant part now.

Butter Boards Tiktok
TikTok’s Butter Boards Defend Consuming Abundant Butter. (Source: POPSUGAR)

In essence, you are doing the same thing with butter instead of devouring baked camembert with some baguette, and you are not cooking anything.

Furthermore, the creator of the Butter Boards Tiktok trend, Doiron, recently covered a trip to Ireland sponsored by the company. Professional chefs, bakers, and home cooks adored Irish grass-fed butter.

She utilizes Kerrygold butter as the main component in her film. According to content creators like Rosalynn Daniels, a layer of parchment can be added before spreading the butter layer to make cleanup even more superficial.

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TikTok Creators With Their Versions Of The Trend

Numerous other TikTok makers created variations of the party starter once the video became prevalent on social media platforms.

In addition to beautiful radishes, Marissa Mullen from @thecheeseplate added roasted garlic, shallots, fresh basil, flaky salt, lemon zest, micro greens, and chamomile flowers to her butter board.

She served the board along with two varieties of bread. More than 39k people liked her TikTok video.

Ereka Vetrini from @erekasfood switched her butter for cream cheese. She garnished it with kippers, scallions, red onions, and lox, omitted the bread, and substituted buttered bagels.

Butter Boards Tiktok
Butter Boards trend is taking over Tiktok. (Source: Taste of Home)

Janelle Rohner of @janellerohner gave the Butter Boards Tiktok dish some heat. She substituted cream cheese for the butter and added jalapenos and the usual bagel spice.

She finished it by adding slices of salami and red and yellow peppers. She offered the cheese along with warm Takis and other types of crackers.

Takis are packaged spicy snacks that resemble Cheetos. She also devoured an entire tiny bell pepper stuffed with cream cheese. 15K people have liked her video.

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