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Who Is Ichika On Tiktok? Wikipedia Age Real Name Face Reveal

Ichika is a TikTok user with many fans and followers, and people online are willing to know more about her detailly.

TikTok has been the platform where people keep sharing content and getting viral as the app is popular and used by millions of people.

Moreover, her videos and live streams are getting a lot of views and comment appreciation for her seductive move. Furthermore, she is available on Instagram and YouTube too.

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Who Is Ichika On Tiktok? 

Ichika Nihitomebore is a young woman who rose to fame on TikTok. She has more than two hundred and seven thousand followers, and most of her videos are well-liked.

Hot TikToker Ichika Sensei will release JAV cosplay movie next month, surprising fans
Hot TikToker Ichika Sensei will release JAV cosplay movie next month, surprising fans [Source- Tinhay Vip]
However, she only follows 74 people, and her likes count to more than five hundred and thirty thousand. She makes videos with provocative moves, so people are attracted to her.

She has most videos shared with pink dyed hair, but some of them also have black. Her videos are uploaded frequently with pink hair, doll-like faces, and a good dress-up.

It also looks like she has added some lenses to her eyes as they look unreal, significant, and mesmerizing. Likewise, she has shared over a hundred videos on her account and can be found under the username @ichikanihitomebore.

Ichika Tiktok; Age And Real Name

Ichika Nihitomebore, available on TikTok, has not mentioned her real name as one, so Ichika may be her real name.

However, in her Tiktok bio, she mentioned being 27 years old, and while observing her videos, she also looks young, like in her 20s.

In addition, she has also been exposed to being 147 cm tall, which means that she is shorter than four feet; however, in her videos, she does not look very short or too tall.

Viewers know that she is Japanese as her letters are written in Japanese characters, and her facial structure matches them.

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Ichika TikTok profile has multi thousands of followers and fans
Ichika’s TikTok profile has multi-thousands of followers and fans [Source- Tik Tok]

Has Ichika Done A Face Reveal?

Even though Ichika has a doll-like face and looks like an anime character, she is the real person in the video. So, there is no need for her to reveal her face.

Also, her dresses are like those of anime characters and dolls. Her outfit and makeup are worth seeing as her facial features and skin are in proper shape, making her look good and unreal like dolls.

Additionally, her pink hair makes it hard for people to distinguish her from dolls. Her hair is silky and long too. Before that, she did not have pink hair but black ones with noticeable cute hair bangs.

Similarly, her dress-up and hairstyle keep changing and are up to date with fashionable trends.

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