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Pittsburgh Steelers: What Is Wrong With Mitch Trubisky Hand? Meet His Mom Jeanne Trubisky And Family Ethnicity

Fans suspect there’s something wrong with Mitch Trubisky hand as he was sometimes too inconsistent as a quarterback in the week one matchup against the Bengals. 

Trubisky is an American football quarterback who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL).

Mitch played college football at North Carolina, and the Chicago Bears selected him in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Trubisky enjoyed some early success with the Bears, and in his second year, he both made the Pro Bowl and helped the team win the NFC North division.

After leaving the organization through free agency, he joined the Buffalo Bills in 2021 as Josh Allen’s backup. In 2022, Trubisky signed a free-agent contract with the Steelers.

Mitch started as a quarterback against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the narrowly escaped victory, Trubisky seemed inconsistent, which led many fans to believe that there was something wrong with Mitch Trubisky hand.

Pittsburgh Steelers: What Is Wrong With Mitch Trubisky Hand?

There are no excuses moving forward with the game. As so, there is nothing wrong with Mitch Trubisky hand. 

The Steelers’ offense seems to be using a playbook used last year. They frequently allow Trubisky to move the ball down the field, even if it is only on the edges, and they also let him leave the pocket.

Some speculation even suggests that Trubisky should sit on the bench in 12-month leagues until the play-calling becomes more quarterback-friendly and the offensive line starts to perform better.

Mitch Trubisky Hand
Mitch Trubisky against the Bengals in the season opener. (Source: Behind the Steel Curtain)

Although Mitch Trubisky showed some promise and occasionally made good use of his mobility, he was often too inconsistent. He needs to play quarterback better for the squad, or the cries for youngster Kenny Pickett will soon take over.

In addition, while acknowledging that the Steelers avoided the turnovers that plagued the Bengals, Mitch Trubisky emphasized that the Steelers’ offense needs to do more to seize the opportunities presented to them.

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Who Is Jeanne Trubisky? Details on Mitch Trubisky Mother

Jeanne Trubisky is the mother of an elite football player Mitch Trubisky. She was herself a good sports person at one time.

Even though Jeanne’s current profession is not mentioned on the web, she was a good sportsperson in her college days.

In fact, Jean met her husband, Dave, while playing flag football together, according to Sports Illustrated.

Sports were a common interest for both Dave and Jeanne. Dave participated in three sports, whereas Jeanne played four in high school.

In addition, Jeanne stirred up some controversy with her son Mitchell during the 2017 NFL Draft. 
She demanded that people call him Mitchell and not Mitch because that was the name given to her baby at the time of his birth.

However, Trubisky settled the controversy by stating that he was okay with either Mitchell or Mitch.

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Mitch Trubisky Family: Ethnicity And Origin

Mitch Trubisky was born to his parents, Dave Trubisky and Jeanne Trubisky, on August 20, 1994. He grew up in Mentor, Ohio, alongside his younger sister and two younger brothers.

Six people make up Mitch’s close-knit family: his parents, Dave and Jeanne; his younger sister, Mariah; and his two younger brothers, Manning and Mason.

Mitch Trubisky parents
Mitch Trubisky alongside his parents at the NFL Draft in 2017. (Source:

Trubisky is descended from a football family. Sports were a common interest for his parents as they met at the University of Akron while playing flag football together.

In addition, his two siblings are avid athletes, just like their parents. Manning and Mason, two of his brothers, play football for Mentor High School, where Mitch also participated.

Meanwhile, Mitch’s sister Mariah studies at Ohio University. She was also a basketball player at Mentor.

Furthermore, Mitch’s dad loves his kid very much and always texts his son a text before every game, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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