Is Post Malone Okay?

Is Post Malone Okay? What happened To Him And Where Is He Now?

Is Post Malone okay? Fans are concerned after the singer falls off the stage.

Post Malone suffered apparent rib injuries following a heavy fall on stage during a gig in St. Louis on Saturday night.

Malone was performing “circles” when he tripped over an uncovered hole in the stage where equipment was being lowered. After the incident, he lay on the stage for several minutes while medics assisted him. 

Is Post Malone Okay? 

Post Malone took an extremely bad fall onstage. It was so severe that doctors had to take him off, and the fans didn’t know whether to wait it out or pack it up.

It happened midway through his performance of “Circles” at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday night.

Post was strutting his stuff as he walked down a ramp that extended into the arena floor. It would’ve been alright if there hadn’t been a hole in the floor where he lowered his guitar that hadn’t been covered up.

According to an eyewitness, one of his legs was shaking uncontrollably. Medics rushed in and flanked him as he exited the stage.

He asked followers to allow him a few minutes to gather himself, but everyone was clearly concerned, with some doubting he’d ever return.

Post Malone 1
Post Malone falls off stage (Source: ladbible)

Post reappeared 15 minutes later, performing “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up.” Post was a rockstar because he was willing to continue even though he was plainly in pain, holding his ribs while he sang.

Post praised the audience for sticking with him and even apologized, which was unnecessary. He finished the show and even stayed afterward to sign autographs.

There’s no news on his condition, but he’s set to resume his “Twelve Carat Tour” in Columbus on Sunday.

Where Is Post Malone Now?

Post Malone’s tour has just begun, with concerts scheduled from today until the middle of November. There has been no official word on Post’s condition or the status of those shows as of yet.

Malone was strutting down an elevated ramp on the arena floor when he allegedly didn’t notice that the hole his guitar had been dropped into wasn’t covered. He stepped into the hole, collapsing on his ribcage.

Post Malone 2
Fan reacts to Post Malone falling (Source: Twitter)

While crowds were buzzing, a team of medics went to his aid and assisted him onstage for several minutes. The audience was stunned into silence as the rapper remained after the fall, visibly moved in pain. 

Security guards raced to his aid, and the medical team treated him as soon as he was able to get back on his feet.

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Post Malone Health: What Happened To Him?

The rapper, who is on the second leg of his “Runaway” tour, sparked concern after footage of him tripping, slurring his words, and rolling his eyes back at a performance in 2020 surfaced. Many admirers responded by questioning Post Malone’s health on social media.

Fans were forming their own narratives about Post’s health after the worrying footage began to spread online before Post debunked the claims.

Post Malone has clearly established an audience unlike any other, which has enabled the 25-year-old to amass a fortune worth an estimated $25 million.

However, the same devoted fans who have backed Malone for the past five years have recently questioned his lifestyle choices, as recently as March 2020, when a weird video of the rapper singing live on stage prompted many to write to his staff, calling for an intervention.

Fans speculated whether the New Yorker was “abusing narcotics,” which Malone categorically rejected in a statement issued days after the video went public.

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