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Who are Aaron Pacholke And Laurie Pacholke? Neena Pacholke’s Parents And Family: What Happened To Neena Pacholke?

Aaron Pacholke and Laurie Pacholke are the parents of WAOW-morning TV hosts.

Laurie is Neena’s father’s wife; the couple has been married for a decade and has two beautiful daughters.

Laurie Pacholke graduated from Chattanooga State Community College and has worked at Moffit Cancer Center with her husband since October 15, 2018.

Aaron Pacholke attended Indiana University. He previously worked as a cytotechnologist at Memorial Hospital Chattanooga and Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Neena Pacholke Father Aaron Pacholke
Neena Pacholke Father Aaron Pacholke

The family is devastated by Neena’s death and struggles to cope with their loss.

Neena Pacholke’s Sister And Family

Kaitlynn Pacholke was the daughter of Aaron and Laurie Pacholke. She worked at Point Guard College. And had a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

“I don’t have the words,” Kaitlynn wrote on August 29. “How does anyone ever find the words for the worst day of their life?”

Kaitlynn continued, “On Saturday, August 27, my world came crashing down in a way I never imagined possible.” My baby sister is gone. My 27-year-old best friend. “

Kaitlynn added on social media that her sister’s passing doesn’t feel natural and wants to “wake up from this living nightmare.”

Neena’s former team also paid tribute to her on Twitter.

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Who Is Neena Pacholke? Details To Know About Her

Neena Pacholke, born on June 29, 1995, age 27, is a famous American TV news anchor and former basketball player. Neena Pacholke died on August 27, 2022, 27 in Wausau, Wisconsin, United States.

According to her LinkedIn page, she previously worked as an intern at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Cumulus Media before working as a social media manager at Apple A Day Program.

Pacholke joined the news station in May 2017 as a multimedia Journalist after graduating from the University of South Florida, where she was a three-year point guard.

According to her website, she was promoted to anchor in February 2019.

Mackey referred to her as talented and described her as the Batman to his Robbin.

What Happened To Neena Pacholke?

Her sister confirmed that she died by suicide. The newspaper reported that she was engaged to be married.

No further evidence has been given to the general public about the death of Neena Paccholke.

Pacholke’s final Twitter post was a retweet from author Jon Gordon about positivity and believing the best is yet to come.

The family has been devastated by the recent news about the death in the family. News and media have surrounded the house to know more about the tragedy.

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