Where Is Shaka On Family Reunion

Where Is Shaka On Family Reunion? What Happened To Him?

Fans are missing Shaka on “Family Reunion” and are wondering about his whereabouts.

It’s not surprising that many sitcoms have featured families and provided plenty of belly laughs because family life can be amusing. 

There are countless storyline options, and viewers will watch your show as long as your family dynamic is strong. It discovered a broad and passionate one in the case of Family Reunion.

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After the Family Reunion Netflix comedy returned for Part 5 without the Isaiah Russell-Bailey character, fans are1 perplexed about what happened to Shaka McKellan. 

Where Is Shaka On Family Reunion?

Shaka McKellan, a series regular played by Isaiah Russell-Bailey, is noticeably missing from the cast this time, so not every fan favorite is back.

Shaka has been sent off to boarding school, as viewers learn from the sitcom. Mazzi McKellan (Cameron J. Wright), Shaka’s musically gifted younger brother, is left in a bind.

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Mazzi develops more maturity and independence as he “finds himself navigating high school without his older brother, Shaka, who’s away at boarding school,” according to Netflix’s analysis of Season 5.

When he was younger, Isaiah frequently went to the set with his mother, where he first discovered one of his many passions, break-dancing. In addition to acting, Isaiah enjoys modeling, art, basketball, dancing, and parkour.

Shaka’s abrupt disappearance has sparked a lot of Twitter backlash. One Twitter user asked on Thursday, “So, they just gon’ take Shaka out this season of Family Reunion?”

Another viewer that day tweeted, “Watching Family Reunion in disbelief that Shaka is gone. It’s “so crazy to see Shaka gone from Family Reunion,” a third viewer said Thursday.

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Another viewer despises television due to Shaka’s AWOL status. This person tweeted on Thursday, “Aww, why did they get rid of Shaka on Family Reunion?!” 

Did Shaka Leave Family Reunion?

Shaka hasn’t left the show; instead, he’s been enrolled in boarding school and won’t be around this season. 

The showrunner Meg DeLoatch joined CBS’ The Neighbourhood as an Executive producer and showrunner for the upcoming fourth season in June, so that could be the only potential roadblock. 

Anthony Alabi as Moz and Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Shaka on ‘Family Reunion’ (Source: distractify.com)

According to Deadline, she will have to resign as showrunner if Family Reunion is renewed, though she will continue to serve as an Executive producer.

Whether DeLoatch accepted the position to end Family Reunion or if she is merely prepared to hand the reins over to someone else is unclear. The McKellan’s acknowledge a family member who is gay in Part 4 and face the painful legacy of the N-word, but there are also humorous and musical passages. 

Although Part 5’s subject matter is unknown, you can bet that it will maintain the show’s harmony of serious topics and humor.

The Young Actor Has A Disney Plus Movie Coming Up

According to a March 2021 Deadline article, Isaiah was cast as the lead in Crater, a sci-fi movie for Disney Plus described as a coming-of-age tale set in a colony on the moon.

The logline cited by Deadline reads, “After the passing of his Father, a boy growing up on a lunar mining colony takes a trip to explore a mysterious crater, along with his four best friends, before being permanently relocated to another planet.”

In the movie, Scott Mescudi, a rapper and Actor better known by his stage name Kid Cudi, will play Isaiah’s Father; Billy Barratt, Orson Hong, and Thomas Boyce will play Isaiah’s friends. 

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John Griffin wrote the movie’s script, and Kyle Patrick Alvarez will be directing. So maybe after he made his (fantasy) reservation for the moon, Isaiah had to leave Family Reunion.

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