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Reddit: Who Is Arthur Levan Williamson? Jim Matthews Murderer Arrest And Charge

The man accused of killing a WWJ radio host and injuring three other people in an attempted murder-suicide in Macomb County, Arthur Levan Williamson, was arraigned on Monday afternoon.

During his arraignment on Monday, the defendant in a fatal assault at a Chesterfield Township home that left one person dead and several others hurt was denied bail.

As he was charged with one crime of first-degree homicide, homicide felony murder, two counts of having the intent to kill, and three counts of unlawful confinement, Arthur Levan Williamson remained still. On his behalf, his attorney submitted a not guilty plea. On October 5, he will return to court.

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Reddit Reaction On Arthur Levan Williamson: Jim Matthews Murderer Arrest

According to authorities, Jim Nicolai, 57, who worked as a nightly news anchor on WWJ 950 under the name Jim Matthews, was killed by Arthur Levan Williamson, 55, who is accused of using a hammer.

Around noon on Friday, September 23, an assault occurred at Nicolai’s house in Chesterfield Township’s 33000 block of Bayview Drive, close to Jefferson Avenue and Hooker Road.

Authorities claim that Nicolai’s 35-year-old girlfriend and their two children, a 5-year-old daughter, and a 10-year-old boy, also sustained injuries.

Arthur Levan Williamson
Arthur Levan Williamson During His First Online Hearing (Source: ClickOnDetroit

Williamson was charged Monday afternoon at New Baltimore’s 42-2 District Court. Bond was turned down.

Williamson has a significant criminal history, which includes convictions for kidnapping, assault with the intent to kill, and attacks on law enforcement. 2018 saw his prior release from jail.

Police arrived on the scene Friday afternoon and discovered one guy dead, a 10-year-old child shackled and suffering from blunt force trauma, and a woman with several stab wounds. The 5-year-old daughter is healthy.

The topic however is trending on Reddit. A user from Reddit r/mycrimelibrary has shared an article about Arthur Levan William on who he is and what he did on September 24.

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Arthur Levan Williamson Charges: He Was A Criminal From The Beginning

As he was charged with one crime of first-degree homicide, homicide felony murder, two counts of having the intent to kill, and three counts of unlawful confinement, Arthur Levan Williamson remained still.

Arthur Levan Williamson was on parole for two felonies, according to the Department of Corrections: breaching a building in 2013, for which he was sentenced to three to twenty years in jail in 2015. And aggravated assault and tampering with computer communications in Oakland County in 2018, for which he was sentenced to four years in prison in 2019.

On the same day as the Clinton County incident, he also completed a 23-month sentence for resisting arrest.

According to records, he has also been found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping, and two gun charges from a 2002 incident in St. Clair County, for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison. As well as two counts of delivering less than 50 grams of drugs from a 1994 incident in Macomb County, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Arthur Levan Williamson, who is being jailed without bond, is due in 42-II District Court on October 5 for a probable cause conference and on October 12 for a preliminary hearing.

Guertin’s sister Ashley Quigley of Port Huron set up a GoFundMe account at; it had raised about $14,000, more than halfway to the $25,000 target by late Monday afternoon. Guertin’s 10-year-old son underwent “successful” head and ear surgery. Additionally, clothing, toys, and other stuff have been donated.

Who Was Jim Matthews?

Jim Matthews passed away at his home on September 23, 2022. According to the sources, the attacker had the radio host’s family on his hit list of people to kill.

At his home in the Chesterfield Township on Bayview Drive in the United States of America, Jim Matthews’ dead body was discovered. But Jim Matthews’ wife and her 5-year-old daughter had fled from their home. When Jim Matthews’ wife arrived at the street’s main intersection, she asked a passing motorist to dial 911, and the Police then took charge of the situation.

When the investigating officers arrived with him at the crime scene, Jim Matthews was already dead inside the house. The radio anchor’s 10-year-old kid was also discovered by the Police, alive but with some injuries to his body.

Arthur Levan Williamson
Jim Mathews (Source: Today)

Jim Matthews was a radio host at the time. He was about 57 years old. His wife is 35 years old, and the couple has two children: a son who is ten years old and a daughter who is five years old.

For more than seven years, Jim Matthews anchored newscasts. He had been collaborating with the WWJ and the media business. Jim Matthews was murdered in his own home on September 23, 2022, and his body was discovered in the basement.

Jim Matthews once said he enjoyed providing the most recent news updates on one of his shows.

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