Trevor Lawrences Tattoo

Trevor Lawrences Tattoo: Is Jacksonville Jaguars QB Hair Real? Long Hairstyle

Trevor Lawrences tattoo has not been seen publicly yet, as he has not shared any related pictures. He is a fashionable athlete with long hair and with modest dressing style.

He is an American football quarterback in the National Football League for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Likewise, he is one of the highest-touted college football prospects; he achieved the National Championship Game as a freshman at Clemson in 2019 and hit the school’s record for quarterback wins.

Similarly, he was also chosen first overall by the Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Along with his career scores, when one thinks of the image, his hairstyle poops up for which he is notably known; having long blonde hair. Additionally, his fans are also curious if he has tattoos or not.

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Trevor Lawrences Tattoo

Since many of his fans are curious to know about Trevor Lawrence’s tattoos and more related to his fashion sense, but it looks like he does not have any tattoos yet.

Unlike other celebrities, he has not publicly shared any image with tattoos. Also, when going through his social media sites, Trevor has posted more than two hundred posts relating to his lifestyle.

Jacksonville Jaguars to face Denver Broncos in London
Jacksonville Jaguars to face Denver Broncos in London. Source- Big Cat Country

No tattoos can be observed on his body, as he has also shared different shirtless pictures. Unless he does not show up if he has inked, one can assume that he has not made any tattoos yet. 

Shortly, if he plans to do, he may share it on his Instagram, where he actively posts his life updates.

Is Jacksonville Jaguars QB Hair Real? Long Hairstyle

Jacksonville Jaguars’ hair is real; he has had silky-long blonde hair for many years. If football lovers see him on the field, they must notice that he has been wearing the hairstyle since.

He has always preferred long hair since he planned to grow up from his high school days. Since then, His hair has become something viewers talk about more than his actual play.

As per ESPN in 2020, “Yeah, I’ve heard ‘Sunshine’ “pretty much my whole life,” he said. Since his hair has a silky texture with blond color, it looks like sunshine hair.

Trevor Lawrence’s Longtime Hairstylist Gives 1 Piece of Advice for Whoever Cuts the QB’s Hair in Jacksonville
Trevor Lawrence’s Longtime Hairstylist Gives 1 Piece of Advice for Whoever Cuts the QB’s Hair in Jacksonville [Source- ESPN]
While playing, he puts up his hair band to avoid his hair disturbing him but has not yet considered shortening it. He once expressed he used “Pantene” Shampoo in 2019, which must be the everlasting secret to his qualitative hair.

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Who Is Trevor Lawrences Hairstylist? Know About His Hair Suggestion

Trevor Lawrences had been a hairstylist since his college days when he decided to keep his hair long. According to The Post and Courier, Scott Holder has been taking care of his hair.

In South Carolina, Holder owns Hair Techniques in Cartersville, Georgia. Since Trevor is now in Jacksonville, he must find a new hairstylist and has some suggestions from his side. He wants that new hairstylist to respect the quarterback’s time.

It is unknown whether Lawrence has already found a new hairstylist, but it may soon come to the media’s eyes once he gets one. He may find someone talented like Holder, who has managed not to let his hair’s quality degrade.

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