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Who Is Gabby Petito Best Friend, Rose Davis? How Old Was Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend? Death Cause And Net Worth 

Gabby Petito Best Friend Rose Davis was one of the few people who gave testimony after the murder of young Gabby. Let us learn everything there is to know about Gabby’s tragic life and her toxic relationship with her boyfriend. 

In August 2021, a shocking story hit the streets as the news of the tragic end of Gaby Petito’s life came out. According to online reports, she was lost, and Police started a nationwide search. Gabby and her boyfriend had planned a journey across the country, but it was later discovered that Gabby had gone missing. 

If you want to get more intricate details about the case, you can watch the documentary documenting the end of Gabby’s life and the details of when she was alive. 

Who Is Gabby Petito Best Friend, Rose Davis? 

After the news of Gabby’s death started circulating, people close to both Gabby and her boyfriend were interrogated. Rose Davis was one of the people who gave testimony in that case. 

According to Rose, she and Gabby were best friends, and they had known each other for quite some time. During the interview, she looked sad, which was to be expected as she had recently lost a person she dearly loved. 

Gabby Petito Best Friend
Gabby Petito with her Best Friend
(Source: The Sun)

In the interview, she claimed that Gabby was a gem of a person, and she deserved better than to be killed by a person that she loved. The whereabouts of Rose are unknown as of now, but since the movie featuring the story of Gabby is out, we expect her to make sudden appearances in public very soon. 

How Old Was Gabby Petito’s Boyfriend?

When the incident happened, Gabby’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was only 23 years old. Since he was so young, the incident sparked a Fire among the people who heard about it. 

After the accident happened, Brian killed himself with a gun. Maybe his actions were far too much for him to deal with, and that’s why he took the unprecedented step of ending his own life. 

Gabby and her boyfriend had planned a romantic trip in the van across the country. But when they began planning, poor Gabby had no idea it would end her life. According to reports, after an intensive search made for Gabby, it was later found out and proved that it was her boyfriend who killed her. The reasons such a young couple’s fate turned dark so quickly are unknown. 

Gabby’s boyfriend’s intentions must have been powerful because he destroyed a happy and loving relationship without thinking twice.

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How Much Was Gabby Worth?

Since we don’t precisely know the life of Gabby before her untimely death, we can not approximate her net worth of her. 

But it couldn’t have been much because she just lived an honest day’s life. Gabby passed away at a young age, leading to many people mourning for her. Gabby had believed that her future was set with her boyfriend, but instead, he became the reason behind her death. 

What was supposed to be a romantic trip ended as the end of the relationship, taking away the life of both of them. 

The painful story of a young lover killed by her boyfriend, who took his own life out of guilt, will be documented in a movie. Since there is still a lot of undisclosed information about the case, people eagerly await that movie’s arrival. 

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