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Jacob Hoggard’s Wife Rebekah Asselstine: Age Family And Net Worth

Jacob Hoggard’s wife, Rebekah Asselstine, is also in the entertainment industry. The lead singer of the Hedley has been with Rebekah for years. Dig out their relationship details. 

Jacob participated in the second season of Canadian Idol in 2004, where he secured the third rank in the singing competition. 

Soon after his appearance in the second edition of  Canadian Idol, he became an overnight celebrity; however, controversies followed him in the long run. 

Who Is Jacob Hoggard’s Wife, Rebekah Asselstine?

Jacob Hoggard’s wife, Rebekah Asselstine, is a famous Canadian actress and professional choreographer – she is also a model, voiceover artist, and social media influencer.

The Canadian actress completed her bachelor’s degree program in Business administration and Management. After graduation, she joined Vancouver acting school, British Columbia, Canada, where she graduated from acting courses in 2014. 

Jacob Hoggard Wife Rebekah Allestine
Jacob Hoggard’s Wife, Rebekah Allestine (Source: D.H. News)

Rebekah has appeared in several movies and T.V. series such as Fools For Hire, The Unseen,  Love on the Air, Road to Christmas, Supergirl, and others. However, she came into the limelight after the 2015 Superhit T.V. serial called Super Girl. 

The supermodel has loved dancing since childhood – she started her career as a dancer in 2011. The model has been a dance instructor at Defy Gravity Dance Studio for two years. Currently, She is working as a Dance Choreographer at Kicks School for Dance since 2014. 

Rebekah tied her nuptial knot with the lead singer of Hedley’s pop-music Band, Jacob Hoggard, on December 31, 2018. Palestine is the second wife of controversial singer Jacob Hoggard. 

Jacob Hoggard Age

As of today, Jacob Hoggard’s age is 38 Years old. He was born in 1984 in Burnaby, Canada, and he celebrates his birthday on July 9. 

Hoggar pursued his elementary education at Raid Elementary School in British Columbia. At the age of 20, he competed in the second season of the Canadian Idol television music reality show, where he landed up as the third ranker of the show. 

When the singer was just 20 years of age, he joined the famous pop music band “Hedley.” He released his first album with the band, becoming a massive hit worldwide.

Likewise, his second album with the band is called Famous the Last world gave him immense success in the field of music and singing. 

Jacob Hoggard Family Details

Jacob Hoggard’s father’s name is Nigel Allen, whereas his mother is Elaine Allen. Jacob’s family follows the Christian religion, and their ethnicity is mixed. 

According to the Latest In Bollywood, Jacob has no siblings – he is the only son of his parents. 

Jacob was first married to Tammy Hoggward in 2004; however, they separated legally in 2009 after 4 years of togetherness. Howard then re-married to famous Canadian actress Rebekah Asselstine in 2018. 

Apart from being married twice, Jacob does not share any children. 

Jacob Hoggard’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The well-known singer has a massive net worth of $3 million

The richest.com claims that the lead singer earned $160,00 from The Last Words album. Similarly, he earned $160,00 from the 2009 album The Show Must Go.

Likewise, the estimated earnings from the famous 2009 album Storms, Wild Life, and Hello was $80,000

hedley pop music band
Jacob Debut Music Band, Hedley (Source: Music Canada)

Sources claim that the lead singer was taking $200,000 from their live concerts, which made them immensely rich in a short period. 

Jacob, the lead singer of Hedley, has also appeared as a host at the 44 annual Judo Awards in the Canadian music festival, where he received $190,000. 

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