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Who Is Jayni Chase? Chevy Chase Wife, Kids Family And Net Worth

Chevy Chase wife is Jayni Chase. Many of Chevy’s fans are eager to know about his spouse as they keep a keen interest in him and his life.

Famous American comedian, actor, and author whose birth name is Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase has been happily living with his sweetheart and family members for many years now in Bedford, New York.

Seventy-nine years old Chase was into his career in 1967 and began acting with National Lampoon. With the quality of both being a brilliant performer and a writer, he was given three Primetime Emmy Awards with five nominations and two Golden Globe Awards.

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Who Is Jayni Chase? Know About Their Kids Too

Jayni Chase is the wife of the celebrity Chevy Chase. She is currently 65 years old, as she was born on August 24, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, in an American family resulting in white ethnicity. 

She is also an actor, an author, and an activist by profession but is not popular as her spouse. They got married in 1982, and around forty years since, they have been together and live in New York.

Chevy Chase’s Third Wife Helped Him Get Sober and ‘Clean Up His Act’
Chevy Chase’s Third Wife Helped Him Get Sober and ‘Clean Up His Act’ [Source- Outsider]
Just one year after they married, the couple became parents and were blessed with three of them. Their first child was born in 1983, named Cydney, and two years later, in 1985, Caley was born.

Emily, their youngest child, was born in 1988. All three children are his daughter with Jayni, and he had no children from a previous marriage. He was married two times before being with his current spouse. 

His first marriages were to Susan Hewitt and Jacqueline Carlin; however, they were unsuccessful. They split up on February 1st, 1976, and November 14th, 1980.

Who Are Chevy Chase Parents? Family

Chevy Chase was born to his parents, Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase and Cathalene Parker, in New York City on October 8, 1943. However, both of his parents died in 2005.

His Father worked as a magazine writer, whereas his mother was a concert pianist and librettist. The couple, however, separated when Chevy was only four years old.

Similarly, his mother remarried twice later. He also shared that he was mentally and physically abused by his mother and stepfather when he was young.

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The 79-Year-Old Comedy Star Is Sober And Ready To Work [Source- TV Insider]

Chevy Chase Net Worth [current-year]

Chevy Chase has an enormous net worth of around 50 million dollars. He gained his earnings from his profession as an author, actor, and comedian, with many people loving his output.

For around fifty-five years till date, he has been working for the industry and has numerous followers. He has hosted the Academy Awards twice and had his late-night talk program, The Chevy Chase Show (1993).

Chevy’s initial roles were the romantic comedies Foul Play and Seemed Like Old Times, which were highly loved by the audience.

His career timeline had highs and lows, but his works gained much notoriety in the 70s and 80s. Along with that, he is the holder of many honors and accolades.

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