Nicollete Gray posing for a photo.

Nicolette Gray: Beverly Hills Brat, Career & Net Worth

Nicolette Gray is a YouTube vlogger, model, and social media influencer from the United States.

She has a youtube channel dedicated to fashion, beauty, and showcasing her opulent lifestyle.

Nicolette Gray gained notoriety as the Beverly Hills Brat, a “bratty” adolescent who received a $5,000 monthly allowance.

Nicollete Gray.
Nicollette Gray posing for a camera

Additionally, “A Week in My Life with Madison Brooke” and “Get Ready with Us: A Day in LA” are two of Gray’s most well-known YouTube videos.

This article discusses the personal life, career, controversy, social media, and net worth of Youtube sensation Nicolette Gray. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Nicolette Gray: 

Full Name Nicolette Gray
Birth Date April 15, 2002
Birth Place  Beverly Hills, United States of America 
Residence  United States of America 
Nationality American
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity Not Available 
Zodiac  Aries
Father’s Name Not Available 
Mother’s Name Nina Gray
Sibling Blair Gray 
Age 21 years old
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 52 kgs (114 pounds)  
Eye Color Brown 
Hair Color Black 
Profession Model and Youtuber 
Partner Bradlee
Children None 
Net Worth  $2 million 
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Last Update April 2024

Nicolette Gray: Age, Height, and Weight

Nicolette Gray is currently 21 years old. This YouTuber is 5 feet 2 inches tall, which she attributes to her fantastic figure.

She has also put in a lot of effort to maintain her body weight of 52 kg. Gray was also born under the sign of Aries, the Ram.

Moreover, the official flower of the sign is Honeysuckle. 

When it comes to engaging with the world around them, Aries are recognized for their youthful characteristics of being enthusiastic, assertive, and happy.

Honeysuckle, their official flower, is also linked to rebirth and fresh experiences.

As a result, the flower and the sign are a fantastic match. Additionally, Nicolette’s dark eyes and black hair beautifully compliments her face.

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Nicolette Gray: Personal Life 

Nicolette Gray was born in the United States on April 15, 2002, in Beverly Hills, USA. 

Moreover, Nina Gray is her mother, who raised Nicolette alongside her sister. Surprisingly, her mother is a dentist who also blogs.

Blair Gray, her younger sister, is also a well-known public figure.

Nicollete Gray with her mother Nina Gray.
Nicollette Gray with her mother, Nina Gray. 

Her mother and sister are very close to her. In addition, they appear to spend a lot of time together and have a close bond. 

Bradlee, a fellow YouTube personality, is one of her closest pals. Furthermore, it is rumored that they are currently dating. 


Nicolette Gray is currently a high school student. She began attending online lessons.

Unfortunately, Gray hasn’t revealed her educational background.


My father is suing me,” Nicolette once said in a video. Moreover, she uploaded the video on June 18, 2019.

She discussed her father suing her after seeing the trailer for the documentary video in which she referenced him.

Furthermore, she also mentioned that her father was frightened of being exposed.

On the other hand, Gray was only attempting to help others and not herself through a difficult situation.

After a month, she resurfaced with a video titled “My Dad is Suing Me Update.”

Nicolette Gray: Career

Nicolette launched her career on July 13, 2016, when she launched her self-titled YouTube channel.

Furthermore, she also refers to herself as a “Beverly Hills Brat.”

In one of her videos, she gently shows her viewers how much she and her mother spent on clothing.

Moreover, Beverly Hills Brat: The Series is a series on her Youtube channel.

This YouTuber is unafraid to admit that she is about to go on a journey that many developing children can only imagine.

She proudly refers to herself as a ‘Beverly Hills Brat’ and has stated that she has grown up wonderfully and that changing her way of life will be impossible.

Additionally, Gray frequently displays her expensive automobiles, fantastic items, expensive clothes, footwear, and other items on her recordings.

A few of the Youtuber’s mainstream uploads have surpassed 2 million views.

In addition, ’24 HOUR SHOPPING CHALLENGE,’ her most popular video, has received over 4 million views.

‘$35000 LUXURY HAUL,’ ‘WHAT WE Acquired FOR CHRISTMAS,’ and ‘I got another G-Wagon,’ among her other popular videos. 

Her videos have received over 162 million views in total. Moreover, her Youtube account has over 1.3 million subscribers.

Confronted my Stalker, I’ve Officially Chosen my New Roommate, and many others are among her most recent videos.

Additionally, she has appeared on “This Morning” in the United Kingdom.

She appeared on a television show, Dr.Phil, along with Danielle Bregoli, Jay McGraw, and Oprah Winfrey.

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Nicolette Gray: Net Worth 

Nicolette Gray’s net worth is estimated to be at $2 million. Moreover, she earns around $70,000 from YouTube.

In addition, her mother also supports her with a monthly budget of roughly $5000, as well as a fitness instructor, chauffeur, nanny, and other services.

Nicollete Gray lives a lavish lifestyle.
Nicollette Gray lives a lavish lifestyle.

Gray also leads a somewhat opulent lifestyle. She owns a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon with special modifications.

Moreover, her automobile appears in a number of her videos. 

She frequently uploads footage of herself driving her luxury automobile without a driver’s license.

Nicolette Gray: Controversy

People chastised Nicolette Gray for flaunting her mother’s money on YouTube.

Some people despise her for being renowned solely because her parents are wealthy, and she flaunts the items her parents purchase her.

Furthermore, Nicolette is an upbeat person who seems unconcerned with criticism.

On the other hand, her YouTube channel’s popularity over the years, and she concentrates on her profession as a YouTuber.

She appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil when she chastised her mother for reducing her monthly allowance to one thousand dollars.

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Nicolette Gray: Social Media 

Nicolette is active on various social media platforms in addition to her YouTube channel.

Also, she has an official Instagram account; however, her Twitter account is not yet verified. 

She is a social media influencer. Nicolette is also a model, as evidenced by her stunning Instagram images.

Nicolette also has over 6k Twitter followers. Similarly, her Instagram account has over 533k followers.

Moreover, she has over 1.3M followers on her YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Nicolette Gray called the Beverly Hills brat? 

Nicolette Gray is called the Beverly Hills brat due to her behavior on the show named Dr. Phil. 

Surprisingly, she criticized her mother for reducing her monthly allowance to one thousand dollars in the show.

Who won the case between Nicolette Gray and her father? 

Nicolette Gray won the case against her father. Moreover, she has made two videos detailing the case.

What is Nicolette Gray’s most expensive video? 

‘My Mom Made Me Hike In $1000 Heels!!’, ‘Spending $3,000 At Gucci,’ ‘$35,000 Luxury Haul,’ and ‘$1,000 Makeup Haul’ are some of her Youtube videos in which she spent a lot of money.

Is Nicolette Gray on Facebook? 

Although several Facebook accounts are associated with Nicolette Gray, there is no official Nicolette Gray Facebook page.

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