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Who Is Soojeong Son From Kaleidoscope? Age Husband And Net Worth

Soojeong Son has been gaining the constant limelight and being searched by people after appearing in the latest television series on Netflix called Kaleidoscope. They want to explore the details regarding the actress. 

Soojeong Son is an emerging Asian actress who aspires to become a recognized celebrity in the movie industry, appearing in television series and movies. 

Talking about the actress, she seems to be a multi-talented personality who has specialized in herself as an actress, writer, and producer.

Soojeong Son has been in the acting field for eight years, being part of various projects and gaining experience from all those works. 

The lady appeared in the recent heist television series Kaleidoscope portraying the role of Liz Kim, appearing in three of the episodes of the series. 

The actress plays the younger sister of Hannah Kim(starred by Tati Gabrielle), an aspiring Dj and impressive dance captain who is the source of joy for her sister. 

Who Is Soojeong Son From Kaleidoscope?

Soojeong Son is an actress who started her acting career performing in the short comedy The Shame Game with Genny Leise.

The actress has struggled and worked hard to come this far, performing various minor roles, including uncredited projects.

Some of the acting credits from her early career include Pillows, Rest Stop, Roaring 20’s, and Purple Shorts, with many others.

Soojeong Son progressed in her acting career after she played the role of Kara in the dark comedy television series released in 2016. 

Soojeong Son
Soojeong Son is an uprising actress, writer, and producer in the film industry. (Source: Instagram)

Some of her well-known acting credits include her performances in Servant and The Outside Story.

During the LA Web Fest, she was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement Award for her works in Then That Happened in 2017. 

The actress hasn’t stayed in the field of acting but has tried working as a producer and writer, experiencing the different points of view in the film industry. 

Some of her writing and producing credits include Urban Teach Now, Pillows, Quiet Tiny Asian, and Feminist babysitter. 

Is Soojeong Son Married Sharing A Married Life With Her Husband?

People are developing an interest in whether Soojeong Son shares a married life. However, she may be single and doesn’t have a husband. 

Soojeong Son may have shown no interest in sharing the details about her relationship status, keeping it private under wrap for now. 

Her fans can witness from her Instagram handle there is not a single post that would give them the hint of her husband sharing a married life. 

It might be possible that Son is too busy with her career in the acting field, striving to grow in the entertainment industry as a recognizable personality. 

Fans of the actress look forward to seeing Soojeong Son hooking up with someone sharing a happy married life with someone she loves. 

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Soojeong Son Age And Family

The facts regarding her birthdate are not available on Internet sites narrowing down her exact age. Still, she may celebrate her birthday every year on August 16, seeing through her Instagram handle. 

There is nothing to cover about her parents or family members, but she often shares pictures of them on her social media.

Nothing is available regarding her parents and siblings, their professional life, and other details keeping a low-key profile.

They will be in the media’s constant attention, wanting to know about them, and eventually, their details may be available shortly.

Soojeong Son’s Net Worth

Soojeong Son is making a fortune and earning an admirable amount of money in the entertainment industry, but her net worth exact round figures are unknown now. 

The lady earns money from her professional acting career. Her actual income is not available, but she may generate a handsome amount of money from her work.

Soojeong Son
Soojeong Son earns money from her work in the film industry. (Source: Instagram)

The actress may have earned a decent amount of money from her work in the latest television series, Kaleidoscope. 

Some of her upcoming projects are The Builder, A Good Person, and Step Into the Mattress, adding money for working on all those projects. 

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