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Why Is Christiane Paul Leaving FBI: International?

Christiane Paul portrayed her role as Europol Agent Katrin Jaeger in the FBI franchise ‘FBI: International‘ for 21 episodes. And now, she is saying farewell to the show, and reports claim that she will not be returning for the CBS procedural’s second season.

Christine landed her first role in FBI: International as Agent Jaeger in 2021’s episode entitled ‘The Edge.’ She followed with the same role simultaneously until the #2.1 episode, which will air on September 20, 2022.

She will appear alongside the regular cast, including Vinessa Vidotto, Carter Redwood, Heida Reed, and Luke Kleintank.

Learn why the original FBI: International cast left the show? Where do you think now the story takes?

Why Is Christiane Paul Leaving FBI: International?

The finale of the Season 1 of FBI: International showcased that Paul, aka Europol agent Katrin Jaeger got promoted. She got a promotion to see Western Europe and said bye to the team.

The final episode entitled ‘Crestfallen’ bestowed the emotional part of Europol agent Jaeger as she accepts the upgrade leaving her FBI team behind. Though the show’s storyline has made up the plot for her to go outside the Europol community, the real reason behind her departure is still off the grid.

What will happen now? And will she be a part of FBI: International’s second season was the central question of the fans; however, it’s not happening. Since the show has already announced the replacement for Christine, her return is not a possible plot.

Who Is Replacing Christiane Paul?

CBS’s FBI: International has confirmed the arrival of the new character in the show. Since the departure of Christiane Paul, inquiries regarding her replacement were all around the web. And the show has shattered the stories now.

Reports cited that Eva-Jane Willis will join the FBI: International cast for the second season. She will have an extensive undercover background, and she will be working with The Fly Team.

Eva-Jane Willis
Eva-Jane Willis (Source: Distractify)

Eva-Jane Willis will appear as a street-wise Europol Agent named ‘Megan “Smitty” Garretson‘ next season. The first episode will air on CBS on September 20 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Willis is also starring in the Amazon thriller The Power, where she will portray the role of Sister Bianca.

Christiane Paul’s Career And Net Worth

Christiane Paul has been in the entertainment industry for around three decades. She started her acting career with a role in the 1992’s movie, Deutschfieber.

The following year, she appeared in another movie entitled ‘Ich und Christine (1993). Since then, Paul has landed her roles in several projects, including Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (1997), Trust Me (2000), Die Tote vom Deich (2006), Familie Sonntag auf Abwegen (2013), Paranoid (2016), FBI: International (2021-22), and many others.

Christiane Paul On Set
Christiane Paul On Set (Source: Instagram)

She was the recipient of the Emmy Award in 2016 and is also a nominee for the Germany Academy Award (2017).

As per Taddlr, Christiane has an estimated net worth of 0.12 million euros.

Christiane Married Twice: Who Are Her Husbands?

Christiane’s current husband’s identity remains unknown – what we know about her spouse is that he is an internationally acclaimed physicist.

She and her beau married in January 2017, but the couple has no children together.

Before that, she was married to Wolfgang Schwenk in August 2006. They remained together for seven years until 2013. They have a child, Maximilian Schwenk, together.

In addition, Christiane is the mother of other three children, namely Schwenk,
Paul, Mascha.

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