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Willie Mosconi: Personal Life, Career & Net Worth

The Philly native American pool player Willie Mosconi was a legend back in his times.

Willie is called the Mr. Pocket Billards, an extremely talented professional player; likewise, he inspires many modern pool players.

Furthermore, Willie is the person who helped popularize the pool as a national recreation activity.

Likewise, since the 1940s, Willie has been a huge name when it comes to billiards. 

Moreover, William is one of the first Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame inductees.

Most importantly, Willie won the World Straight Pool Championship nineteen times between 1941 to 1957.

Willie Mosconi carrying a cue stick
Willie Mosconi carrying a cue stick

Willie Mosconi mostly developed the modern pool techniques and styles. Moreover, Willie also has a tournament named after him called the Mosconi Cup.

During the 50s, people played pocket billiards differently, and it was called the straight pool, or 14.1 continuous.

Likewise, a straight pool was considered more difficult by most of the players.

Willie has a world record in a straight pool of 526 consecutive balls in 1954.

From career highs to lows, we will dive into every detail about the famous pool player. But first, let us look at some quick facts about Willie Mosconi.

Quick Facts

Full Name William Joseph Mosconi 
Professional Name Willie Mosconi
Nickname Mr. Pocket Billiards
Date of birth June 27, 1913
Date of death September 17, 1993
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White American
Zodiac sign Cancer
Place of birth William Joseph Mosconi
Place of death Haddon Heights, New Jersey
Food Habit Non – Vegetarian
Sex Male
Father’s name Joseph Mosconi
Mother’s name Helen O’Reilly
Siblings Five
Profession Pool Player, Author, Actor
World Straight Pool Championship 19 times
Active Years 1940-1991
Sponsors McGirr’s
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 165.3 lb (75 kg)
Chest size 36″
Biceps size 15″
Waist size 35″
Shoe size 11 (US)
High School  South Philadelphia High School
College Banks Business College
Hair color Not Available
Eye color Not Available
Marital status Married
Wife Ann Harrison (m. 1941-1952), Flora Marchini (m. 1953 till death)
Children Three (William, Jr., Candace, Gloria )
Net worth $1 million – $5 million
Social Media Not Available
Merch Willie Mosconi World’s Champion 1941-58 On Pocket Billiards
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Willie Mosconi: Early Life, Family, and Education

William Joseph Mosconi was born on September June 27, 1913, to parents Joseph Mosconi and Helen O’Reilly.

Likewise, Willie’s father was an ex-boxer and poolroom operator, and his mother was a homemaker.

Furthermore, Willie is one of the six children of the couple.

The young prodigy was a real talent, but his father didn’t support Willie playing golf.

Likewise, Joseph wanted his son Willie to become a Vaudeville performer just like his uncles.

Joseph tried to hide cue sticks and billiard balls from his son, but Willie improvised by practicing broomsticks and potatoes.

Eventually, Willie’s father realized the talent in his son and let him learn the game.

Likewise, Willie learned the game so fast that he mastered it and was starting to be called “the child prodigy of the pool” at the tender age of seven.

Furthermore, Willie’s father saw this chance to earn money from his son’s talent and started advertising challenges for him.

Moreover, Willie used to beat top and professional level players even when he was a child.

Likewise, in 1919, the then world champion Ralph Greenleaf and a six-year-old Mosconi played pool.

Additionally, the people filled the hall. Although Mosconi lost the game, many people state that it wasn’t an easy one for Ralph.

Furthermore, the game helped the professional career of Willie to start.

Likewise, Willie went to South Philadelphia High School, and later his father enrolled him at the Banks Business College. 

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Willie Mosconi: Death, Height, and Weight

Willie, unfortunately, at the age of 80, died of a heart attack on September 17, 1993.

Moreover, he had a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighed about 75 kilograms.

Furthermore, Willie had 36 inches of the chest, 15 inches of Biceps, and 35 inches of Waist.

In addition, he wore 11 US size shoes.

Willie Mosconi: Career

Career as a Professional Pool Player

The person who created modern trick shots, techniques, and style Willie was a true gem.

Similarly, Willie was the most incredible pool player that ever lived.

In 1919, the young prodigy was a straight pool champion just at the age of 11.

Likewise, in the 30s, Willie took a break from the pool and returned after a few years to earn some money.

Furthermore, Willie states that he didn’t hustle anyone; he always beat anyone Willie played against; he says, “I played everyone straight.” 

Moreover, in 1933, Mr. Pocket Billards participated in the Billiard Congress of America, World Straight Pool Championship.

Additionally, he lost in the final to Erwin Rudolph, performing very well.

After the BCA, Willie went on tour promoting the Brunswick products alongside his long-time idol, then World Champion Ralph Greenleaf.

Mr. Pocket Billiards, Willie Mosconi
Mr. Pocket Billiards, Willie Mosconi

Likewise, from 1940 to 1941, William participated in a round-robin tournament series and ran 125 balls from the break five times; he dominated the series.

Willie suffered a stroke in 1956; therefore, he took a break from the pool to recover soon.

Likewise, Mosconi returned to his 100% after his recovery and won the BCA World Championship.

Finally, Willie retired in 1966, but he remained constant in promoting the incredible game.

Furthermore, the child prodigy was in the spotlight till the 80s due to a feud between him and Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone

Career as an Author

Willie was a multi-talented and versatile person who could do anything he wanted.

Likewise, Willie also had a great career as an author.

Moreover, Mosconi wrote an autobiography entitled Willie’s Game, published in 1993 after his death.

Furthermore, Willie has authored Willie Mosconi on Pocket Billiards and Winning Pocket Billiards; both books describe pool.


Willie Mosconi played a role as a technical advisor on the 1961 film The Hustler, starring Paul Newman.

Likewise, The Hustler played a huge role in popularizing the game over the world.

Additionally, Willie also did a cameo role in that movie.

Furthermore, in 1937, Willie featured shortly in Super Cue Men.

Likewise, Willie has participated in two television shows, I’ve Got a Secret and What’s My Line?.

Moreover, Mosconi was also part of two documentaries, “Billiard and Bowling Champs” and “Champion of the Cue.”

Therefore, the career of Mosconi in television was incredible.

American Army

You would be amazed, but it is correct; Willie also took part in World War II.

Moreover, in 1944, Mosconi was part of the American Army; he was in the department of the defense industry.

Furthermore, Willie returned safely from the war and continue as a professional pool player.

Willie’s first marriage broke as he went to war, and his wife took their kids and left.

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Willie Mosconi: Wife and Children

Willie was a modest man, and he was very loyal to who he loved. Likewise, Willie married Ann Harrison, his first wife, in 1941.

Furthermore, the couple had two children together. Firstly, Ann gave birth to William Jr, and lastly, she gave birth to their daughter Candace.

Moreover, their marriage came to an end as William went away to serve in the war, and Ann took their children and ran away.

Willie Mosconi
Willie Mosconi posing for a picture

In the end, William took custody and got his children back. Likewise, William married Flora Marchini in 1953, his second wife.

Additionally, the couple were great and were fond of each other. Finally, they gave birth to their child Gloria in 1954.

Flora, Willie’s wife, was with him till his last breath; she was a loving wife and took good care of the legend of Billiards.

Willie Mosconi: Net Worth 

Mr. Pocket Billiards had a net worth of $ 5 million. Most of Willie Mosconi’s earnings came from tournament prizes.

Likewise, the versatile legend was also earning through movies. After his death, his family also got some of the money after his autobiography was published.

Since his childhood, Willie was a big dog; as he was a generational talent, his father advertised about him, and many people came to challenge him.

Therefore, he had been earning money since his childhood.

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Willie Mosconi: Awards and Achievements

  •  Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame inductee
  • World Straight Pool Championship
  • World record of 526 consecutive balls
  •  Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame.

Willie Mosconi: Fun Facts

  • Joseph, Willie’s father, owned a billiards parlor; he was a former boxer.
  • Willie is known for his rapid and accurate shots in the pool.
  • In his childhood, Willie practiced with broomsticks and potatoes.
  • Willie suffered a stroke and came back even better after the stroke.
  • Likewise, Mosconi served as a consultant for Brunswick Corporation.
  • Furthermore, Ann, his wife, left him because of her depression and desperation.
  • Moreover, Willie popularized the pool as a professional sport throughout the world.

Willie Mosconi: FAQs

How and where did Willie Mosconi die?

The great billiards legend died of a heart attack on September 17, 1993. Moreover, he had to take a break because of a stroke he suffered.

He died at his house in Haddon Heights, New Jersey; his wife was with him till his last breath.

Furthermore, he is buried at the New Saint Marys Cemetery, New Jersey.

Where did the rise of Willie Mosconi begin?

The rise of the legend began in his childhood. As Willie’s father advertised his son to challenges, Willie developed with each challenge he faced.

During the tender age of 8, Willie used to beat professional pool players.

Moreover, Willie was accurate, consistent, and competitive; thus, his rise came too soon.

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