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Yann Moix Wife: Is French Author Married? Why Fans Think He Is A Gay?

Yann Moix Wife, Yann, is not married yet and might be single as he has not publicly mentioned his dating life.

Yann Moix is a French author, film director, and television presenter. Moix is the author of ten novels and the recipient of several literary prizes.

The author has directed three films, including Podium, based on one of his novels. He also writes for the magazine La Regle du Jeu.

The TV presenter’s comments about women over 50 caused outrage on social media in France in January 2019.

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Yann Moix Wife: Is French Author Married? Dating Life Explored

Yann Moix is not married; however, there is a rumor of him being in a relationship with Charlotte Valandrey in the past.

Moreover, the author had fallen madly in love with Charlotte Valandrey when he saw her for the first time at the cinema, in Red Kiss, in 1985.

Eventually, they broke up after the night in 1997, when Charlotte Valandrey came to sleep at his house. Yann had been warned a week earlier by an actor that the one he loved had contracted HIV.

Yann Moix
Charlotte Valandrey’s family condemns Yann Moix’s tribute
Source: Paudal

Besides, the TV presenter found it hard to believe, especially when he faced a positive woman enjoying life to the fullest.

Charlotte Valandrey told him about her diseases, and when Moix was in denial, she understood in a flash and forgave him.

Later on, the relationship turned into a beautiful friendship, and on July 13, it was not a friend but a sister that he had lost.

Yann Moix Fans Thinks He Is A Gay

The French author, Yann’s fan, thought he was gay when he claimed women over 50 are too old to love. Moix reveals he cannot stand dating white women. 

Similarly, In an interview with ‘Metro,’ Yann said he was surprised by the anti-gay marriage movement in France.

Yann Moix
French author Yann Moix sparks outrage for saying women over 50 are ‘too old to love
Source: The Japan Times

However, the film director thinks that today, being gay, declared with a smile, and famous is already an extreme political bias, which sounds pretty good to him.

Additionally, the writer and director mentioned the protest against marriage for all. Moix said, “It liberates me out because I realized that maybe my neighbors would march against marriage for all. “

Moreover, he claimed it is impossible to love a woman his age and that he prefers ‘younger women’s bodies,’ which states that he is not gay.

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Yann Moix Talked About His Abusive Parents

Yann revealed he was beaten as a child, and it does not stop there. The author said the family is a kind of mental asylum.

Besides, Moix assures to wish “the physical death of all of his family, apart from his grandmother.” He hates his family.

Moreover, the author’s maternal grandmother affirms that Yann was an adorable child, tender as anything, affectionate, and cute as anything. Still, to be honest, his parents never liked him.

Apart from physical abuse, it was more humiliation and moral abuse. The author was constantly belittled and humiliated.

Yann Moix
Yann Moix’s grandmother stands up for him: “His parents never loved him”
Source: Marie Claire

Furthermore, Moix’s novel Orleans was published to critical acclaim in August 2019, but it left critics and the public confused about the revelations it contained.

Despite being presented as a novel, the book is made to look heavily autobiographical, which leads the public to think that Yann endured what the protagonist goes through as a young boy.

However, the book is laced with hate for the narrator’s parents, with Moix positioning himself between the lines as a real-life-long-suffering victim who finally dares to tell the truth.

Following the public protest by Yann’s parents and younger brother, it was revealed that some of the severe incidents described in the book actually took place between him and his brother.

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