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Yes, Anthony Rapp Is Gay: Is He Married To His Ken Ithiphol? Family And Kids

Anthony Rapp is a Broadway actor and singer who played Mark Cohen in the original production of Rent.

Rapp first played a part in the show’s 1996 production and later returned to it in the 2009 United States display tour.

In addition, he performed Charlie Brown in the Broadway revival of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown in 1999, and Lucas in the musical If/Then in 2014.

In the current season of Star Trek: Discovery, he plays Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets.

Yes, Anthony Rapp Is Gay: Is He Married To His Ken Ithiphol?

Actor Anthony, who has appeared on Broadway and in Star Trek: Discovery, disclosed that he proposed to his longtime partner Ken in November of 2019.

At the time, he said he was “so very happy” and “thrilled” to be engaged to him.

Anthony Rapp wife
Anthony Rapp with his partner, Ken Ithiphol.
Source: Instagram

Anthony made Star Trek history in 2017 when his character Lt. Paul Stamets, the first openly gay figure in the cosmos, also in a relationship with Dr. Hugh Culber, was introduced in episode three of Star Trek: Discovery (Wilson Cruz).

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Later the same year, the couple shared the first gay kiss ever depicted on Star Trek. The actor who played Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek television series, George Takei, who is out homosexual, lauded the historic partnership, calling it a “wonderful moment” and applauding the show for featuring a same-sex couple.

Anthony Rapp Family

During the transfer of Rent to Broadway and off-Broadway, Rapp maintained a close relationship with his mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment.

He would see her on weekends. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 55. He praises her for leading by example and teaching him principles such as fairness and respect.

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Rapp was referred to as “one of the first openly gay men on Broadway” by Metro Weekly’s publication in 2012. When he first came out to his mother at 18, she was fine with it by the time of her passing in 1997.

Sadly, there was no additional information online regarding his Father, siblings, etc.

Anthony Rapp Kids

Currently, Anthony and Ken Ithiphol is just engaged and are yet to get married, so they don’t have any kids as of 2022.

The couple seems to be a little secretive regarding details like that, as they have not yet shared any plans regarding their kids with the public.

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However, there is no doubt that the couple will be blessed with beautiful children if they desire so shortly.

Anthony Rapp Career

Rapp made his Broadway debut in The Little Prince and the Aviator, a musical adaption of Antoine de Saint-The Exupéry’s Little Prince, in 1981.

The show concluded during the pre-show. His first cinematic appearance was as part of an ensemble cast in the 1987 film Adventure.

He has made multiple film and Broadway appearances. He played significant roles in films like Dazed and Confused, A Beautiful Mind, School Ties, Road Trip, and Six Degrees of Separation (stage and cinema versions).

Rapp also appeared in “Psych: The Musical,” a Psych episode that debuted on USA Network on December 15, 2013.

Anthony Rapp career
Anthony Rapp with his Star Trek cast.
Source: Instagram

As Lt. Commander Paul Stamets, the first openly gay character in the Star Trek television series, Rapp was cast in Star Trek: Discovery in 2016.

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While Rapp had seen little Star Trek as a child, he watched “curated lists” of episodes from the various series to prepare for the role. This was Rapp’s first television regular role.

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