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Zachary Rolfe Family And Parents: Reddit Discussion Over His Case-What Happened?

Zachary Rolfe, a Northern Territory Police Officer, was found not guilty of murder over Kumanjayi Walker’s fatal shooting. Rolfe was cleared of two alternative charges of manslaughter and engaging in a violent act causing death.

Rolfe shares his shocking reaction to his liberation for the first time in-depth, in a terrifying moment, that Walker supporters won’t want to miss and will never forget.

Zachary Rolfe brutally shot a 19 years old Kumanjayi Walker, who died in Yuendumu, 300km from Alice Springs.

Who Are Zachary Rolfe Parents? Family Details

Zachary Rolfe was born to Richard Rolfe (father) and Debbie Rolfe (mother) in 1991 in Canberra, Australia.

Rolfe’s parents are supportive of him. His parents believed and had faith in him. He was supported in court by his parents. The former soldier Heston Russell and the Nt Police association officers also attended the hearing.

Zachary Rolfe
Zachary Rolfe fell in love with policing before being charged with murder over the death of Kumanjayi Walker.
Source: The Australian

Zachary hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life except for the names of his parents. About his family history or love life, there is no information.

The Spotlight media release said, “Rolfe’s family share their devastation at the murder charges, which they believe were ordered by the highest levels of the NT government.

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Reddit Discussion Over Zachary Rolfe Case-What Happened?

Zachary Rolfe eventually fatally shot him and was charged with murder three days later, but he was discharged in March 2022. Thousands of people rallied in Alice Springs following the attempted arrest, and further protests followed in capital cities around Australia.

Zachary was accused of the killing ofKumanjayi walker in 2019. The Northern Territory Police officer was found not guilty, and he said to Jury that he did what he had to do.

As per the source, Rolfe and his partner went to capture Kumanjayi Walker at his house, and Walker attacked one of the officers with the blade. So, Zachary shot with more than one slug as a counter back.

Zachary Rolfe
Constable Zachary Rolfe outside the Northern Territory Supreme Court in Darwin
Source: The Monthly

The trial heard Rolfe shot Walker while trying to arrest him in the remote community of Yuendumu, about 300km from Alice Springs, on 9 November 2019. Walker stabbed Rolfe with scissors before the first shot was fired.

However, the court heard that Rolfe fired 2.6 seconds after the first shot, and then 0.5 seconds later, he fired a third time. The final two shots were fired from close range at a time when Rolfe’s partner, then constable Adam Eberl was attempting to restrain Walker on a mattress. 

Although Walker was a violent offender, the failed arrest was the first time he had threatened violence against Police.

According to court documents, the assumed facts (comprising body-worn camera footage from Eberl and Hawkings and audio transcripts) include that the accused stated to the deceased, “Just put your hands behind your back at 7:21:50 pm.” After that, the dead retrieved a secreted pair of scissors and stabbed the accused in the left shoulder before the first shot was fired.

At 7:22:01 pm, the accused fired one shot into the middle right region of the deceased’s back. This shot was fired at close range.

A shot was fired by the accused at 7:22:04pm into the deceased’s left side torso (2.6 seconds after the first shot. The third shot was fired into Walker’s left torso at 7:22:05pm. At 7:23:10pm, the officer applied handcuffs to the deceased.

 Zachary Rolfe: What Were His Charges And Plea? Issues raised by the shooting 

Three days after Walker’s killing, Rolfe was charged with murder, contrary to section 156 of the Criminal Code Act 1983.

He was also charged with manslaughter, contrary to s.160 of the Code. Rolfe was arrested for engaging in a violent act that caused the deceased’s death, contrary to s. 161A(1) of the Code.

Zachary Rolfe
Constable Zachary Rolfe addresses the media outside the courthouse Source: (Dailymotion)

After the death of Walker, Community raised issues both after the shooting and after the trial.

Aboriginal deaths in custody have long been a contentious issue in Australia. Walker’s death gained fame during the global wave of protest over the death in custody of George Floyd in the United States.

Despite Rolfe being discharged, critics have asked why he was not held on remand for the two years between his arrest and the verdict.

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