Who Is Leon Clarke? 40 Year Old Dad Arrested, Causing The Death Of His Son, Sentenced To Four Years in Prison

A man Leon Clarke is jailed for four years. Let us find out what Leon Clarke did and more about his arrest and charges.

Dad was 13 times over the drug limit when he crashed into a tipper van, killing his son.

In the “hours prior” to picking up his children Blake, 8, and Mason, 6, from their grandmother’s House, Leon Clarke had used cocaine.

A Father who was driving without insurance and was 13 times over the legal limit when he collided with a highway tipper van, tragically killing his son, was sentenced to prison.

The court heard that a road maintenance truck was stopped on the hard shoulder when the car went into an “irreversible spin” while changing lanes on the highway.

Despite the best efforts of bystanders and medical personnel, Blake, sitting in the back of the car, sustained fatal injuries and passed away due to his wounds.

Let’s get more insights and updates on Leon Clarke and his family.

Who Is Leon Clarke?

Leon Clarke is a man sentenced to four years in prison after causing the death of his son. Clarke is currently 40 years old.

Leon was born to his parents on 23 April 1982 in Middleton. However, the identity of his parents has not been revealed. 

In addition, there is no information on the web about Leon Clarke siblings. In fact, we do not know whether or not Leon has any siblings.

Leon Clarke
Leon Clarke was sentenced to four years in prison for causing his son’s death. (Source: LancsLive)

His parents still reside in Middleton. But, Clarke shifted to Middlewood Walk, Marple, with his family after his marriage.

Leon Clarke is married to his wife, Victoria Consterdine. But, there is no information on the couple’s married life. They had two children together. Blake, aged eight, and Mason, aged 6, were the children of Leon and Victoria.

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They were off school for the half-term holidays and at their grandparents’ home in Middleton. 

Victoria originates from Stockport. She worked at some place and was at work even at the time of her son’s death. However, no sources on the web mentioned anything about her work.

40-Year-Old Dad Arrested Causing The Death Of His Son

A 40-year-old crashed his car while driving 13 and a half times the legal drug limit, causing his son’s death. 

When the atrocity occurred, Leon Clarke, 40, had just picked up Blake, 8, and his younger brother, who was then six years old, for an access visit.

The delivery driver’s BMW aquaplaned when Leon Clarke switched lanes while traveling at 76 mph in extremely wet conditions, striking a vehicle parked on the hard shoulder.

Leon Clarke children
Leon Clarke’s children, Mason(L), who survived the accident, and Blake(R), who died in the accident. (Source: Mirror)

After being brought to the hospital, Little Blake, seated in the rear, was pronounced dead an hour later.

At the side of the M60 near Stockport, his Father, Leon Clarke, was seen sobbing as he held the child in his arms and said, “I’ve killed my son.”

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Leon Clarke questioned officers after his arrest, “Is he dead? Please?” Fortunately, his younger kid could evacuate with only minor arm injuries.

Clarke admitted to causing a death while driving without insurance and, as a result, was given a four-year prison sentence.

The “frequent” cocaine user admitted to killing someone while driving carelessly and intoxicated.

Mom Victoria Consterdine Devastated: Powerful Victim Impact Statement

Victoria Consterdine, Blake’s mother at work when the accident happened, sobbing as she read a moving victim impact statement.

She expressed that she is living in a never-ending nightmare she has yet to awaken, which will go on for the rest of her life. For her, her life is ended, and she now exists only for Mason.

They adored him in every way; he was their life, and when he was killed, our hearts, brains, and souls all went with him, stated the devastated mother. All their lives have changed forever now that the family no longer has their precious baby.

The distraught mother continued: “We are in excruciating pain, and this suffering goes on because of you.

After they left their nana that day, Blake and Mason were left without an option or a chance. Clarke made that decision for them, so they are now forced to endure this life of unrepairable destruction and suffering.

“I will never be able to see my son again, and it is destroying every inch of me what you chose to do as a supposedly responsible parent and adult. I wasn’t there to shield kids from you both. The moment my boys needed me, I wasn’t there.

The Minshull Street Crown Court heard the boys had spent the day with their grandparents before Clarke picked them up.

Even though neither boy was buckled into a child booster seat during the trip, both boys wore seatbelts.

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