Danny and Roberto Jaz parents

Who Are Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents? Meet Father Michael Jaz, Family And Origin

Danny and Roberto Jaz parents have become people of interest all over the world after the two brothers were proven guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting more than 20 women.

40-year-old Danny Jaz and 38-year-old Roberto Jaz were accused of sexually assaulting women in their family restaurant. The victims were customers at Mama Hooch and Venuti, a popular downtown bar and restaurant in Christchurch.

While their father owned the restaurant, Danny worked as a manager at Mama Hooch, and Roberto was a chef at Venuti and also worked at the bar.

The case has sparked discussion about how the men succeeded in preying on young women for four years. Speculations about this incident indicate a larger culture of misogyny and sexual assault have increased.

Who Are Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents?

Danny and Roberto Jaz parents were Macedonian immigrants who raised the Jaz brothers. However, the entire family moved to New Zealand in the early 2000s.

After the two were accused of sexual assault in May 2023, Danny and Roberto Jaz parents have recently come under the spotlight.

Though not much is known about their mother, their father, Michael Mendo Jaz, is the owner of the infamous restaurant Mama Hooch and Venuti.

Police have never indicated that Danny And Roberto Jaz parents were aware of the crimes when they happened. However, Michael Jaz has been fighting hard to avoid being named publicly.

Mama Hooch Bar and Restaurant
Michael Jaz placed his sons in high posts in their family business, unaware that the two would be future serial sexual offenders. (Source: 1News)

Even after the brothers were convicted of their horrifying crimes, they still appear to have their father’s support, Michael Jaz.

Michael claimed that the victims were fabricating their statements and lying to authorities under pressure. Such statements have further brought Danny and Roberto Jaz parents under scrutiny.

During the investigation, police came across an apology letter Roberto had written to Michael after his father fired him for having sex at Venti. The letter was dated 30 August 2018.

Since the Jaz brothers’ conviction, the Mama Hooch property has been sold and is owned by someone else.

Though Danny and Roberto Jaz parents still own Venuti, it was forced to close after losing its liquor license in February 2023.

Michael Jaz, who lives in Australia, was absent at his son’s trial. Due to the distance, he will likely not visit his sons in prison much.

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The Jaz Brothers: Crimes, Conviction And Sentence

Five years ago, Mama Hoochi’s manager, Danny Jaz, promised the media that if he identified the culprit responsible for drugging and assaulting women at his bar, he would ‘break their hands and hand them over to the police.’

This week, it was proven that it was Danny and his brother Roberto who assaulted more than 20 female customers at their family restaurant and bar.

The Jaz brothers drugged several of their victims and formed a WhatsApp group where they planned their assaults, discussed drugs for date rape, and swapped images.

Five young ladies were sexually abused by Roberto, one of whom he videotaped being raped in the café. Fifteen people were attacked by Danny, some of whom he pursued into the bar’s restrooms before striking.

Danny And Roberto Jaz brothers at court
During the hearing, Danny and Roberto Jaz parents were said to be absent. (Source: Stuff)

Together, they were found guilty of 69 crimes in total, including rape, indecent assault, sexual assault, supplying illegal narcotics, stupefying and disabling, and filming explicit videos of women without their consent.

Danny admitted to some of the sexual assault allegations, but the brothers showed no regret for their wrongdoings.

As victim impact statements were read, they stood motionless in the dock.

30% of New Zealanders suffer intimate relationship violence or sexual violence at some point in their lives, the Ministry of Justice reports, with women three times more likely than men to encounter sexual violence.

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