Zara McDermott Parents

Who Are Alan And Karen McDermott? Zara McDermott Parents, Family And Net Worth

Fans are curious to know about Zara McDermott’s parents after the reality TV star made headlines recently.

Zara McDermott is a television presenter, reality TV star, and model based in Essex, England. Currently, she is the host of “Love In The Flesh.”

Love In The Flesh is a reality show which features couples who have only interacted online before and allows them to meet in person for the first time.

The television personality has also been using her platform to raise awareness about violence against women and Image-Based Sexual Abuse.

Her documentary on eating disorders called “Zara McDermott: Disordered Eating” came out in November 2022, leading to the star’s new fame.

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Meet Zara McDermott Parents Alan And Karen McDermott

Zara McDermott was born on December 14, 1996, to Alan and Karen McDermott. She was born in Essex, England.

The McDermott family appeared in a BBC show called “Wanted Down Under.” In the show, they considered moving to Australia.

However, they did not follow through and stayed in England. They discussed their reason for staying in a sequel of the show, “Wanted Down Under Revisited.”

Zara McDermott Parents
Zara with her mother Karen, while going to a friend’s birthday. (Source: Daily Mail)

Besides their short stint on reality television, Zara McDermott’s parents have kept many details of their life private.

Alan and Karen live in Essex, England, as of [current-year]. 

Based on Alan’s Instagram, he appears to have a keen interest in music and singing. He was one of the performers at the Tilbury Music Festival.

As for Karen, she seems more private than Alan and has not shared anything regarding her personal life. She even has a private Instagram. 

Alan and Karen have been together for more than 25 years now.

Zara McDermott Family: Who Are They?

As for the rest of Zara’s family, she has a young brother, Brad.

According to his Instagram, Brad works as a DJ. His first song, “Bounce,” was released on October 25, 2022.

He appears to live quite a lavish lifestyle, reflected on his Instagram feed.

Zara McDermott Family
Zara and her brother Brad at brunch. (Source: Instagram)

It is yet to be determined where he went to University. It has also not been confirmed whether he has a girlfriend.

Brad is probably focusing on his career as a DJ and doesn’t want to be in a relationship anytime soon.

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What Is Zara McDermott Net Worth In [current-year]?

As of [current-year], Zara McDermott’s net worth is estimated at $350,000.

She has had quite an early start to her career in reality TV, having appeared in “Wanted Down Under” at a very young age. 

From there, she continued to build her career and joined “Love Island” in 2018 as a contestant.

Even though she was dumped out of the villa after a while, her appearance in Love Island boosted her fame considerably and, with it, her net worth.

Following her success on Love Island, the young star participated in “The X Factor: Celebrity” in 2019, which paid off quite well for both her fame and net worth.

She has also appeared in “Made In Chelsea” alongside her boyfriend, Sam Thompson.

Zara McDermott Net Worth
Zara as pictured on vacation at Barbados. (Source: Instagram)

She also released a BBC documentary titled Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn, where she recounted her teenage experience of having her nude images released. It aired in February 2021.

In a subsequent documentary, Zara McDermott: Uncovering Rape Culture, McDermott drew on her own near-rape experience. This documentary aired in November.

Both these documentaries were well-received and contributed to Zara’s net worth.

Zara has also modeled for a few brands, which, again, have added to her total wealth.

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