Michael Armand Hammer

Michael Armand Hammer: Family, Business & Net Worth

Michael Armand Hammer is a well-known American businessman who has made a considerable impact in the business world.

Michael, the only grandson of the industrialist and philanthropist Armand Hammer, has been involved in many organizations throughout his career.

And, one of his significant associations is with Occidental Petroleum in the United States.

Currently, Michael has ownership of all the foundations that his grandfather left behind after his demise.

Michael Armand Hammer
Michael Armand Hammer 

Interestingly, Michael is also the father of the famous and charming Hollywood actor Armie Hammer.

Similarly, Michael has achieved so much throughout his business career with his intellectual and dedicated passion.

Further, we will be learning more about his life journey and his career achievements in this article. So, make sure to read ahead.

Quick Facts

There is a lot to know about Michael Armand Hammer’s life, but let’s begin with some necessary information about him.

Full Name Michael Armand Hammer
Known as Michael Hammer
Nickname Michael
Birth Date 1955 September 8
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Residence California, U.S.A.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian, and American
Education Master Degree in Business Administration
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Julian Armand Hammer
Mother’s Name Glenna Sue
Grandfather’s Name Armand Hammer
Siblings No siblings
Age 68  years old
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Height 6 Feet 6 inches
Weight 240 pounds
Body type Fit
Profession Businessman
Marital Status Married
Ex-Wife Dru Ann Mobley
Children 2 ( Armie Hammer, Viktor Hammer)
Graduated from New York University, University of San Diego
Beginning of Professional Career 1982
Retirement Not retired
Business Associations Occidental Petroleum, OnVANTAGE, etc.
Business Ownership Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer International Foundation
Social Media No social media account
Last Update April, 2024

Michael Armand Hammer Early Life and Family

Hammer was born on 1955 September 8 to Glenna Sue and Julian Armand Hammer in Los Angeles, California.

Michael belongs to a multiracial ethnicity, including Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian and American roots.

Michael Armand Hammer picture
Michael Armand Hammer

Michael is the only child of Julian Hammer and the only grandson of Armand Hammer.

Being the only grandson of the industrialist Armand, Michael was left to look after all the businesses and foundations owned by his grandfather.

Michael’s Education

Since Michael was determined to become a business person from an early age, he attended business schools for his education.

Initially, in 1978, he went to the University of San Diego and graduated in business administration.

Later, in 1982, he joined New York University to receive a master’s degree in business administration.

Michael’s Wife and Children

In 1985, Michael began his married life with Dru Ann Mobley in Tulsa.

Being influenced by his wife, Dru, Michael turned into a Christian after the marriage.

But, unfortunately, the couple called off their marriage after 27 years of togetherness.

However, from the marriage, the couple has two sons, Armie Hammer, born in 1986, and Viktor Hammer, born in 1988.

In brief, Armie is a well-known Hollywood actor, while Viktor is a businessman just like his father.

Michael Armand Hammer’s Grandfather Armand Hammer

Armand Hammer was one of the biggest names in the American business world.

Also, he was known as Business Magnet.

It is fair to say that Michael’s shining career in business is also the influence of his grandfather Armand Hammer, who must have been Michael’s role model as a business person.

Born in 1898, lived a long life, and passed away at 92 in 1990.

Out of all the business alliances and ownership, Occidental Petroleum has held close association for over 30 years.

In addition, Armand was an art enthusiast who owned a huge collection of art and was also renowned for his close relationship with the Soviet Union.

In fact, Armand used citizen diplomacy in his business and built a broad network of business associates.

This, in turn, helped him grow his business towards expansion and profit.

With such an incredible business mind, Armand was associated with many organizations during his lifetime.

Armand, a medical school graduate, first began his journey towards entrepreneurship by successfully exporting goods to the Soviet Union.

And, this is how his ties began to grow with the Soviet Union.

Likewise, he was one of the board of directors for Church & Dwight, American household products manufacturer.

Similarly, Armand also had the honor to be appointed chairman of the President’s Cancer Panel.

It was President Ronald Reagan who himself appointed Armand to the panel.

Armand’s Family

Clearly, business runs in the blood of the Hammer family.

Armand had also worked with his brothers Harry and Victor for many years as business associates throughout his business career.

Although Armand had been married three times, he only had one son, Julian Armand Hammer, from his first marriage and had one grandson Michael, and a Hollywood star great-grandson, Armie Hammer.

Unfortunately, Armand suffered from bone marrow cancer which took his life in December 1990.

In fact, it was estimated that Armand was worth 800 million dollars at the time of his demise.

Michael Armand Hammer’s Son Armie Hammer

Undoubtedly, the Hammer family had already made a big name in the country for their business empire. But, the addition of Armie to the family took the fame to another level.

They are not only known in the business world but also the entertainment industry.

The Hollywood Star, Armie Hammer, is a well-known actor who has earned tremendous respect and recognition with his talent and skill in the entertainment industry.

Unlike his father, Armie was least influenced by business and was drawn more towards acting early.

In fact, he has been actively participating in acting since 2005. Also, he has done over twenty-eight movies and been a part of ten television series up until now.

And, out of his numerous movies, he is most recognized for movies such as The Social Network, Call Me by Your Name, The Lone Ranger, and The Man from Uncle.

In addition to this, Armie has received many awards and nominations for his incredible performance in his movies.

Born in 1986, Armie grew up in Dallas for a short period of time.

Then, the family lived in the Cayman Islands for few years before settling in Los Angeles.

Armie went to Los Angeles Baptist High School in the U.S.A.

But, he dropped out of high school to walk the road of acting.

However, his parents were not pleased with his decision to leave education for acting.

But, later, through his dedication and awesome work in acting, Armie won his parents’ support.

Married Life

Despite being married for ten years with Elizabeth Chamber, the couple recently announced bringing the marriage to an end.

Arnie Hammer and his wife
Arnie Hammer and his wife

In July 2020, Hammer and his wife Elizabeth Chambers announced their divorce in a joint statement on Instagram.

From the marriage, Armie has a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son.

Michael Armand Hammer Career

Since business mind runs down the Hammer family, Michael, as influenced by the successful career of his grandfather, took the same path himself.

So, in the pursuit of a business career, Michael went to top academies and received an education in business.

Initially, Michael’s career in business started by serving in New York City securities & investment firm under varying positions.

Not long after serving there, he joined his grandfather in Occidental Petroleum, specializing in hydrocarbon exploration.

Then, in 1985, with his talent and capabilities, he became vice president of the company.

Again, in no time, he gained a position as a member among the board of directors in the company’s executive committee.

However, in 1991, Michael bid his farewell to the company soon after the death of his grandfather.

Nonetheless, since then, he has worked in OnVANTAGE and has been part of many other companies.

Additionally, Michael grabbed the position of CEO and chairman at Armand Hammer Foundation.

In brief, the foundation is a private establishment of his late grandfather that he founded in 1968.

Current Businesses

Also, in 2019, the foundation was estimated to have generated a revenue of 19 million dollars and comprised assets of 83 million dollars.

Not only that but Michael is also positioned as chairman of Hammer Galleries, founded by Armand Hammer.

The gallery includes a collection of art from renowned artists all around the world.

Michael is also the CEO of Armand’s Hammer International Foundation, headquartered in California.

In conclusion, Michael holds the responsibility of handling all the companies that his grandfather owned.

Lastly, Michael owns Hammer productions engaged in television and film production and is situated in Los Angeles.

He is also known to have involvement in charity organizations. To sum up, Michael has had a profoundly successful career.


Michael Armand Hammer’s 1927 Bentley Race Car

Besides business hustle, Michael is very enthusiastic about cars. In an interview with Migz, as found on YouTube, Michael mentioned that he has a collection of vintage cars that he loves to drive on alternate days.

Also, he added that one of his favorite rides out of all his collections was a White Rolls Royce convertible built-in 1963. Unfortunately, the company had only produced 27 cars in total, making it rare and vintage.

Also, he mentioned that his grandfather originally owned the car, who later handed it to Michael.

And now, the car is a proud addition to his vintage car collection.

He has been very passionate about cars since he was young. Not only this, one of the rarest beauty in his vintage collection is the 1927 Bentley.

In 2019, Michael displayed the car in Carmel Mission Classic in Carmel Valley, California.

In brief, it is a charitable event held yearly where car enthusiasts come together and bring their classic models to display.

Michael bought the four and half-liter Bentley Le Mans race car in 2003, and it has been in his collection ever since.


Family controversy and Gallery Fraud

Michael Armand Hammer was the owner of art gallery Knoedler, which was closed in 2011.

They were accused of selling $80 million worth of fake paintings by artists including Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. 

However, the gallery and Michael were never charged criminally or found liable for the fraud.

Similarly, Michael’s son Armie has been entangled in an off-screen sex scandal involving Canniban fantasies and abuse.

Michael Armand Hammer: Net Worth

Indeed, the Hammer family members have created a well-established foundation in business and the entertainment industry.

Michael Hammer has significant ties with Oral Roberts University, Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer International Foundation, and Occidental Petroleum, most certainly holds millions of dollars.

However, his net worth is yet unknown. But, earlier in 1986, Michael was estimated to have a net worth of $200 million. And no updated information regarding his net worth has been found ever since.

Michael Armand Hammer Social Media Presence

Despite being in the spotlight, the 65 years old businessman has been able to keep his private life under wraps by distancing himself from social media.

Hence, Michael is absent on any social media platform as of now. And, probably won’t be engaging on any social networking site in the future as well.

However, if he does, we will certainly update the information here.



Who is Michael Armand Hammer?

Michael Armand Hammer is an American business and the grandson of the industrialist Armand Hammer.

How much is Michael Hammer’s net worth?

As per the estimation made in 1986, he had a net worth of 200 million dollars. But, his net worth is unknown ever since.

Is Armie Hammer, the son of Michael Hammer?

Yes, the famous actor Armie Hammer is the son of Michael Hammer.

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