Hazim Mustafa Wife Bianca O'Donoghue

Who Is Hazim Mustafa Wife Bianca O’Donoghue? Kids Family And Net Worth

Hazim Mustafa’s Wife, Bianca O’Donoghue, resides in Dubai. She tied the knot with the businessman in 2018 in Itlay. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa said that Sudanese businessman Hazim Mustafa was the purchaser of 20 buffalo. He paid in hard cash, and the cash was taken from a couch after it had been at the Phala Phala game farm for roughly 45 days.

The businessman, based in Dubai, claimed to Sky News that he had no idea they belonged to the President. He also added that he had negotiated the sale with a broker employed by Phala Phala.

Hazim acknowledged that he paid cash for the animals during the 2019 holiday season. Speaking to Sky News, he claimed to be in Limpopo for Christmas and his wife’s birthday.

Additionally, Mustafa said that he had transported the cash via the airport since “$580,000 is nothing for a businessman like [him].”

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Who Is Hazim Mustafa’s Wife, Bianca O’Donoghue?

Bianca O’Donoghue is a 31-year-old South African resident of Dubai. She is married to a businessman Hazim Mustafa. 

They had an extravagant wedding in Lake Como in Italy in 2018. The couple had a romantic fairy-tale wedding brimming with Italian charm. 

Bianca always dreamed of a destination wedding, and Lake Como was her first option. The venue had a stunning mosaic garden where she had a grand entrance with a white horse-drawn carriage to the sound of violins.

In addition to their lavish wedding, they had a classic yet sophisticated 5-tier wedding cake adorned with fresh pink-blushed orchids. 

Luxurious wedding of Hazim Mustafa and Bianca O'Donoghue in Lake Como
Luxurious wedding of Hazim Mustafa and Bianca O’Donoghue in Lake Como (Source: DWP Insider)

Per the information obtained online, she is a team member at a bank in Dubai. She often shares pictures of herself posing in front of her purple Rolls Royce Cullinan, a luxury SUV.

Moreover, Bianca posts snap of her wearing expensive clothing by designer labels such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel. 

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Family: Do Hazim Mustafa And Bianca O’Donoghue Have Kids?

Hazim Mustafa and Bianca O’Donoghue don’t have any kids together. The couple has yet to welcome children into their family. 

Mustafa and Bianca keep their private life out of the media coverage. Nevertheless, they live lavish lives in Dubai, per their social media activities. 

People often look up to the millionaire and his wife’s personal life details on the Internet. Meanwhile, neither Bianca nor her husband Mustafa has ever talked about their parents or their life in the media. 

Hazim was previously surrounded by controversy, which brought him into the public eye. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Hazim Mustafa?

A businessman from Sudan named Hazim Mustafa is the CEO of a football club. He presently resides in Dubai.

Mustafa started his career with a small printing press to print posters and advertising materials. He then worked as a broker in the car dealership next to the former Meridien Hotel. 

Eventually, he furthered his business with Makarim International Company for Import and Export. Currently, he is one of the most well-known businessmen in his hometown. 

Hazim Mustafa
Hazim Mustafa is also known as ramaphosa’s buffalo buyer (Source: South African)

Hazim Mustafa allegedly paid $580,000 (R10 million) in cash for his football team, according to Sky News, who also claimed that he had spent over R5.5 million on a high-end SUV.

It is safe to assume that the guy has a net worth of at least $20,000,000. In January 2021, he donated 50 million Sudanese pounds to the country’s army. 

Bianca proudly praised her husband on social media for donating to the Sudanese army. Apart from that, Bianca also flaunts luxurious cars like Rolls Royce and sports cars like Ferrari on her social media. 

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