Zhang Jike: Funds, Playing Style & Net Worth

Do you enjoy watching table tennis? If you do, then you have likely heard about Zhang Jike.

Zhang Jike is a fantastic table tennis player from China. He won the 2011 WTTC, 2011 World Cup, and then the 2012 London Olympics and became the fastest player to win the Grand Slam.

Zhang Jike is playing table tennis. (Source: Wikipedia)

Also, he won WTTC 2013 and World Cup 2014 after winning the maiden Grand Slam.

So, if you wish to know more about this fantastic table tennis player, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts

Here are some fascinating quick facts about Zhang Jike:

Full Name Zhang Jike
Nick Name Dao Zhendong, Black Dragon
Name in Chinese 张继科
Birth Date February 16, 1988
Birth Place Qingdao, Shandong, China
Nationality Chinese
Religion Not Known
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Hobbies Singing
School Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Father’s Name Zhang Chuanming
Mother’s Name Xu Xiying
Sibling (s) Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring= “02/16/1988”] years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 73 kg or 161 lbs
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Profession Professional Table Tennis Player
Country China
Club Shandong Luneng
Career Wins 16 Wins
Career Debut March 5, 1992
Playing Style Right-handed, shake hand grip
Equipment(s) Butterfly Viscaria FL, DHS Hurricane 3 National (FH-Black), Butterfly Tenergy 80 (BH-Red)
Highest Ranking 1 (June to December 2012) 
Highest Ranking 75 (March 2019)
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife Not Applicable
Children Not Applicable
Net Worth  $ 10 million
Social Media Not Available
Merch Blades
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Zhang Jike: Family, Education, and Early Life


Born in Qingdao, Shandong, China, Zhang Jike is one of this generation’s best table tennis players.

Moreover, Jike was born to Zhang Chuanming, his father, and Xu Xiying, his mother.

Zhang’s father, Zhang Chuanming, is also a former table tennis player. Similarly, his mother is a housewife.

Additionally, Chuanming was a children’s table tennis coach at the Second Stadium in Qingdao.

Interestingly, Jike was named after a Brazilian football coach Zico.

Better known by his nickname Zico, Arthur Antunes Coimbra is a Brazilian coach and former offensive midfielder.

But, not much information about Zhang Jike’s siblings is known.

However, since he was born when China had a one-child policy, it can be assumed that Jike might not have any siblings.


Celebrity table tennis player Zhang Jike attended Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Moreover, it is a municipal university.

However, not much information about his high school or degree is available.

Early Life

Born to a coach father, Jike started young. Further, he started practicing when he was a little child.

According to his father, Zhang started playing table tennis when he was only four years old.

Finally, Jike made his career debut on March 5, 1992.

Zhang Jike: Age, Height, and Weight

Born on February 16, 1988, Jike is [calculate_years datestring= “02/16/1988”] years old, making him an Aquarius man.

Aquarians are also intelligent, wise, charismatic, and skilled communicators. Further, they are connected with spiritual connections and eccentricity.

A man with an athletic body Zhang sure has an envious body with the perfect height and weight.

In addition, Jike is 1.78 m or 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Besides, he is 73 kg or 161 lb.

Zhang Jike: Career

Zhang Jike, a Chinese table tennis player, has had an illustrious career.

Beginning Career

Zhang initially played table tennis when he was four years old, on March 5, 1992.

Further, Jike won gold in the 2011 WTTC singles event after defeating Joo-Sae Hyuk, Wang Liqin, Timo Boll, and Wang Hao.

After winning the final, Jike staged a grand celebration by ripping his shirt.

In addition, he won the 2011 World Cup in Paris after defeating Joo-Sae Hyuk by 4–1 and Wang Hao by 4–2.

Further, he threw his jersey to the audience after the last point, thanking them for their support.

Zhang Jike is in a blue jersey. (Source: Butterfly Global)

Zhang had a rocky start in 2013 after losing to Chen Chien-an at the Asian Games in 2013.

As a result of early world tour exits and a title drought, Jike’s world ranking dropped to 5th in 2014.

Further, the head coach, Liu Guoliang, criticized him for his lack of focus and skill development.

After leading Shandong, his hometown team, to the Chinese Table Tennis Super League title in 2014, Zhang won the World Cup for the second time in October.

As he had proposed, his $45,000 World Cup prize money was taken as a fine for breaking the rules in celebration to establish the Fair Play Award.

At the 2015 WTTC, he lost 1–4 to Fang Bo but won gold in the doubles tournament with Xu Xin.

Then, he easily defeated Ma Long 4–1 in the 2016 Kuwait Open final.

Later Career

Jike was defeated 1–4 by Lee Sangsu of South Korea at the WTTC in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In addition, he couldn’t play to his total capacity because he had been out for a month due to a hip injury.

Due to a hip ailment, he had to withdraw from his match against Masaki Yoshida at the China Open the following month.

Then, he returned to the World Tour after a five-month hiatus.

As a result of his absence from the World Tour, his world ranking plummeted to 176.

However, he returned to the 2018 World Tour six months later.

After this, he has neither announced the retirement nor has played in any tournaments.

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Zhang Jike: TV Show and Father

Not only a fantastic table tennis player, but Zhang Jike has also acted in a reality TV show.

In addition, he has acted in the reality TV show with his father, Zhang Chuanming.

The show’s name is The Amazing Race China, and the father-son duo can be found in The Amazing Race China 4. Moreover, they competed in six legs.

Zhang Jike: Equipment

Zhang Jike, a Chinese athlete, is sponsored by Butterfly.

Further, his blade is Butterfly Viscaria, and his backhand blade is Butterfly Tenergy 80 (red).

Also, his forehand is DHS Hurricane 3 neo National blue sponge (black).

Zhang Jike: Playing Style

Zhang Jike is a two-winged shakehand player who uses a range of topspin driving attacks, counters, and loops to his advantage.

Further, he’s using the harder blue sponge H3 Neo for maximum thrust.

Also, he keeps a modest profile and is a lightning-fast runner. He is considered the talented player with the most excellent backhand technique among all Chinese National Team players.

Moreover, he usually employs this technique in the forehand corner, particularly when returning hard, underspin serves, and pushes.

Besides, his backhand flick on the table is widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

Zhang Jike: Support from Coach

Coaches were concerned about Jike’s forehand technique when he first joined the national team and considered entirely replacing it.

Further, Xiao Zhan, Jike’s then-personal coach, saw Zhang Jike’s powerful forehand and backhand strokes and opted to preserve them.

Because of his spin-oriented technique, Zhang Jike consistently has a topspin advantage over his opponents.

Zhang Jike: Serves

Zhang’s serves are tricky as well as unexpected.

In addition, his most renowned serve is a quick reverse-pendulum serve to both table corners.

Further, Jike’s serve side-spin, along with his backhand flicks, above-average footwork, and world-class anticipation.

His technique has proven to be a winning formula, as he can “open up” topspin rallies to his advantage.

Zhang Jike after a match. (news.cgtn.com)

Because he has a backhand-oriented game plan, he prefers playing against large forehand loopers like Ma Long or Fan Zhendong.

In addition, Jike would either contain his opponents in their backhand corner or try for down-the-line blocking winners.

And he would also put the pressure, causing them to make poor shot selections and unforced errors.

One of Zhang Jike’s most valuable assets is his mental strength.

Under strain, observers can see his capacity to win essential points in massive competitions.

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Zhang Jike: Girlfriends and Children

A private man, Zhang Jike rarely talks about his relationships.

However, on February 3, 2021, Zhang was spotted with a woman coming out of his apartment and driving away while the mysterious woman sat on the co-pilot seat.

Also, they were seen going back to the apartment.

In addition, they also have been seen at the mall, restaurants, and other various places together.


Jing Tian

Jike had a brief affair with Jing Tian, a gorgeous Chinese actress, in March 2018.

Moreover, they publicly announced about an affair but broke up in June 2019.

Jin Chen

In 2020, Jike had participated in a program known as “Span1span Love.”

He dated the beautiful Jin Chen, a fellow contestant on the same show.

However, they never confirmed their relationship, and this relationship is also speculated to be a rumor.

Liu Shiwen

Zhang fell in love with Liu Shiwen when they met in 2004. But, it is rumored that they had to part ways because of parental disputes.

Moreover, Liu Shiwen was considered to be too short for Jike.

But, their breakup was wholly mutual and was in acceptance with both sides.

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Zhang Jike: Net Worth

The Chinese table tennis player Zhang Jike’s net worth is $10 million.

Further, he collected this net worth by working as a professional table tennis player.

However, Zhang Jike’s monthly and or yearly salary remains unknown.

Zhang Jike: Social Media

This talented Chinese tennis player is not active on any social media platforms.

Moreover, Zhang Jike prefers to live a private lifestyle.


Is Zhang Jike coming back?

Chinese table tennis superstar Zhang Jike was back in March 2021.

Is Zhang Jike Tibetan?

The Chinese table tennis sensation Zhang Jike is Chinese.

Further, he was born in Qingdao, Shandong, China, so he is Chinese by birth.

What blade does Zhang Jike use?

On his backhand, Zhang Jike uses the Butterfly Viscaria blade with the Tenergy 80, and on his forehand, a National version of Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge.

Additionally, he popularized the Viscaria ALC Carbon blade.

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