Zoe Laverne Suicide

Zoe Laverne Suicide Rumors: What Happened To Her? TikTok Drama Explained

The rumors of internet personality Zoe Laverne committing suicide had circulated over the media about a year ago. 

The twenty-year-old lady had amassed over twenty-two million followers on TikTok and more than two million followers on Instagram. What actually happened to her? Learn about the fact by going through the post.

Zoe Laverne Suicide Rumors: Truth Or Not?

The rumors of Zoe’s suicide have again circulated over the media. However, the lady does not seem to have committed anything alone as she enjoys her life.

Zoe Laverne Suicide Rumors
Zoe Laverne Enjoying Her Days (Source: Instagram)

Various sources had published articles regarding her death in the previous year too. At the time, she had kept herself distant from social media platforms.

Currently, she seems to enjoy her life with her family and friends. She posted a picture of her fall merch collection about two days ago. The post is followed by a photo of her daughter and her love.

Similarly, she also regularly updates her fans through her TikTok. Her recent TikTok includes herself in a fine red dress enjoying a car ride and the vibe of the music played.

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What Happened To Zoe Laverne?

Zoe Laverne does not seem to have been in deep trouble. However, she got messed up due to a leaked video of her kissing her thirteen-year-old friend Connor Joyce.

The topic got spicy as Zoe, a nineteen-year-old lady, kissed a minor. Afterward, she got accused of grooming and pedophilia, so she had to delete her Instagram and go dark on social media.

After the incident, her mother posted various posts and videos where she was seen apologizing and crying for the action.

Various unauthorized media posted a YouTube video stating Zoe was being arrested. However, the video did not feature her getting arrested.

After realizing her fault, LaVerne worked on herself and returned to the media with better mental health. Her family undoubtedly supported the girl throughout her journey. 

Zoe Laverne TikTok Drama Explained

Zoe Laverne creates content and posts on her Tiktok. However, some of her dramas, like vaping in front of the camera, have led her to be a bad influencer.

Zoe Laverne TikTok Drama
Zoe Laverne’s TikTok Drama about Vaping (Source: TikTok)

Besides vaping, she also uses inappropriate words like N-word. Also, she tells people to “go kill themselves.”

Though the lady might have taken it lightly, the TikTok users seem inappropriate, and more than forty-seven thousand users have signed the petition.

Her other videos include the family’s activities, including her daughter and partner. She has recently posted a video on her daughter Emersyn’s birthday under the sound “Thank you for the happiest year of my life.”

Likewise, she also posted her dance video on her first anniversary with her partner, Dawson.

She seems pretty fine at acting and catching hook steps. Zoe matches the vibe of TikTok and is preferred by the public.

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