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Joji Sexuality: Is He Gay? Girlfriend And Net Worth

Fans are very interested to know more about their favorite artist Joji Sexuality. He is a popular Japanese artist. 

George Kusunoki Miller, better known by his stage names Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, is a Japanese musician, songwriter, rapper, comedian, and ex-YouTuber. His other stage name is Joji. It has been established that R&B, lo-fi, and trip-hop influence Miller’s music.

Miller began his YouTube career in 2011, not long after coming to the nation. His bizarre roles on the spoof channels TVFilthyFrank, TooDamnFilthy, and DizastaMusic helped him gain notoriety.

The channels are well known for their outrageous virality and shock comedy. They included ukulele and dance performances, rants, extreme challenges, and comic hip-hop.

George Kusunoki Miller was born in Osaka, Japan. His father is Australian, and his mother is Japanese. Canadian Academy, an international school in Kobe, Japan, awarded him his diploma in 2012. At the age of 18, he traveled to America from Japan.

Joji Sexuality: Is He Gay?

Although there have been speculations that the singer is gay, there is no evidence to support this. It is still only a speculative report at this point.

Even though Joji enjoys posting about his life, it isn’t easy to keep up with it. One of the YouTuber’s closest friends is allegedly the Australian Instagram model Lily Maymac.

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Joji uploaded this picture on Feburary 6,2020 via Facebook. Source: Facebook

Joji is a Japanese singer appearing in a video where two twerking women crush his face. It’s called “Yeah, Right.” If anything, the lyrical content seems to lessen the potential graphic material in this video because it is unusual to see two women dry hump a disinterested male in the face. 

Hence, we are not sure about his sexuality. 

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Who Is Joji’s Girlfriend?

Due to the lack of formal information regarding his dating history or relationship status, we cannot identify his girlfriend. He maintains them in relative secrecy and has never revealed any details about his connections.

Though many people think he wrote about the woman he once adored and their relationship in his songs. Because she was perfect and made him happy, he had anticipated that she would stay, but she left. Despite everything, he continues to consider her.

Due to his tweet in which he asserted that Doja stalks him and has a crush on him, he is currently being linked to Doja. He thinks Doja is entirely mistaken when she said on Twitter that she didn’t have a crush on him.

It was then discovered that the tweet that was sent in Joji’s name was fake. All of this suggests that his love relationship is still unknown to us.

Joji’s Net Worth Explored

According to the celebrity net worth website, Joji has a net worth of over $8 million as a Japanese rapper, singer, composer, and record producer. In Osaka, Japan, Joji was born in September 1992.

He previously posted videos of himself rapping, competing, playing the ukulele, and other things on YouTube under the name Filthy Frank. Joji goes by the stage moniker Pink Guy and has also written humorous hip-hop tunes. He created the Harlem Shake, a viral dancing style that inspired the Baauer song “Harlem Shake.” Joji stepped away from YouTube in 2017 to focus on his music career.

Miller’s videos helped Baauer’s song of the same name become more popular and profitable by increasing awareness of the Harlem Shake, which led to the development of memes and collaborations with YouTubers. Miller released two comedy studio albums and an extended play between 2014 and 2017 under the stage name Pink Guy.

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