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Who Are John Metchie III Parents? John Metchie Jr And Joyce Metchie, Family And Ethnicity

John Metchie III is the son of his parents, John Metchie Jr and Joyce Metchie. 

Metchie III is a Canadian football wide receiver who has played for Houston, Texas, of the National Football league (NFL) since 2022.

Before getting drafted in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft, he was a college football player at Alabama. During college football, he won the Jon Cornish Trophy twice.

Meet John Metchie Jr And Joyce Metchi, John Metchie III Parents 

In Taiwan, John Metchie III was born to John Metchie Jr and Joyce Metchi on July 18, 2000. 

John-Metchie-III with his parents and siblings (Source: Gossip Next Door)

Though the details regarding his parents have not come to the media, his parents had a love marriage as the two are from contrasting backgrounds.

The football star got great support from his parents from the beginning days. Joyce, Metchie’s mother, was the person who enrolled him in sports like organized soccer and lacrosse.

On the other hand, John Metchie III’s father remained in Ghana and could not observe his son’s growth due to personal reasons.

However, he realized he was more interested in football than hockey. The player then realized how football formed a deep relationship with people while in Alabama.

John’s parents had their hand on his son’s head and cared for him when he was diagnosed with APL or Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Luckily, he got great medical care and recovered fully.

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Meet John Metchie III Family

John Metchie III has a family of six members, his parents John Metchie Jr and Joyce Metchie, and their four sons.

John Mitchie III family
John Mitchie elder brother Royce Metchie (Source: Gryphons)

The footballer is the youngest of four brothers. He frequently talks about his relationship with his brothers and their encouragement for his career.

He is closest to his four-year-old brother Royce Methie and has talked about how he inspires his younger brother to pursue his dream career.

John’s older brother Royce is also a professional Canadian player. The twenty-six years player plays defensive back for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL).

For John III, his family and close friends are everything to him. He further says, “They are why I am the way I am. They helped me with everything, and they continue to be there for me unconditionally. Those relationships mean a lot to me.”

John Metchie III Ethnicity Explored

John Metchie III hails from a mixed ethnic background. The twenty-two-year player’s father is Nigerian, whereas his mother is Taiwanese.

His mother’s side is the epicenter of food and culture, whereas it is completely different on his father’s side. Hence, he has experienced a cross-section of international cultures in his home.

However, he and his family left Taiwan at the age of one, which made him not remember living and experiencing life in Taiwan.

To experience his roots, he returned to Taiwan for high school and was amazed by the place. Talking about his experience, he said, “I had always been a part of that culture, but being there, meeting everyone from my mom’s side, it was pretty cool.”

However, John neither went to his father’s country. But, he experienced similar culture in Ghana, where he spent his early childhood years. The government holds a special place in his heart as he learned to run and showed early signs of athletic ability.

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