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Meet Baker Rachelle Hubsmith From Holiday Baking Championship, Age Boyfriend And Family

Baker Rachelle Hubsmith is one of the American Baking Show Holiday Baking Championship Contestants.

Rachelle Hubsmith is a home baker, Real Estate Appraiser, and Church youth Leader who has attracted audiences’ attention with her skillful baking ideas and designs.

Initially, the home baker began baking with her mother around a decade ago for her birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. she was based on the order and requests of the clients.

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Despite being a self-taught baker, she has won awards all across the country for both her recipes and intricate designs. Additionally, she was the finalist in the 2019 National Festival of Breads and Home Baker Division for her recipe Chai Ube Rosette Rolls.        

Rachelle Hubsmith Age: How Old Is She? 

Rachelle, as of November 2022, must be in her 40s. The baker is a proud mother of three children.

Looking at the pictures on her Instagram profile, she is young, energetic, and beautiful.

She has 811 followers on her Instagram account@rachellehubsmith, where she posts with her husband and other family members.

Rachelle is one of the contestants in an American cooking competition series, Holiday baking Championship, where the winner receives $25000 from the show.

Rachelle Hubsmith
Rachelle Hubsmith and her husband Aaron love to smoke meat with their Camp Chef Pellet Smoker in their free time.
Source: Instagram

The Baking show revolves covering the U.S Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, airing from early November through late December. The show is composed of two episodes, Preliminary Heat and Main Heat.

Holiday baking Championship has renowned and legendary judges, including Cake Baker Duff Goldman, Pastry Chef Nancy Fuller, and Carla Hall, hosted by Bobby Deen and Jesse Palmer.

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Rachelle Hubsmith Boyfriend: Is She Married?

The Holiday Baking Championship contestant is married to her husband Aaron and loves to smoke meat with their Camp Chef Pellet Smoker in their free time.

Being creative and passionate, Rachelle won numerous awards in online cooking/baking competitions. 

Uthan native is the mother of three; as per her IG post,daughter-law-in Katie graduated and was honored as a Salutatorian and Summa Cum Laude. Katie majored in Biological Engineering and minored in Chemistry. Her son, Matt, graduated Cum Laude majoring in Mathematics.

As the 2019 National Festival of bread champions, Graham and Hubsmith both receive $1,500 cash plus a trip to attend a baking class at the King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center in Norwich, Vermont. 

Meet Rachelle Hubsmith Family

Besides baking, she enjoys hiking, Zumba exercises, lifting weights, and outing with her family and kids.

Hubsmith’s love for baking bread came from her two grandmas. Growing up, Hubsmith’s grandma always had homemade bread waiting for her. From a young age, Rachelle Hubsmith, of North Logan, Utah, fell in love with baking. 

Rachelle Hubsmith
Using cooking utensils as sporting equipment, Rachelle and her family dubbed themselves the Food Athletes
Sources: Nationalbreadfestive

The home baker appeared on a cooking show with her sisters, husband, and friend. Using cooking utensils as sporting equipment, Rachelle and her family dubbed themselves the Food Athletes.

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