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Meet 12 Years Old Alissa Telusca From Kids Baking Championship, Parents And Family

Alissa Telusca From Kids Baking Championship has been the talk of the topic since participating in the competition. Let’s find out more about Alissa Telusca Parents And Family.

Alissa Telusca is a contestant in Kids Baking Championship season 11 and has gained fame through the show, so we only have little information about her.

Kids Baking Championship is an exciting competitive baking program produced by the Levity Entertainment Group for the Food Network.

Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes judge the children on their presentation, taste, and creativity each week as they strive to make the best dish.

In 2018, the show gained its highest ratings and surpassed Ace of Cakes as the highest-rated series in the network’s history.

Audiences eagerly anticipate the reality show’s eleventh season, which is scheduled to air on December 26, 2022, following the successful conclusion of the tenth season.

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Who Is Alissa Telusca From Kids Baking Championship?

Alissa Telusca, a resident of Naples, is a contestant on Season 11 of the Kids Baking Championship.  

Glancing through her Instagram, she appears to enjoy crafting new cakes and traveling with her friends and family.

On the other hand, the contestants of the Kids Baking Championship are not yet as popular as celebrities, but they have just recently joined the show and are quickly becoming renowned.

Alissa Telusca is a contestant in the Kids Baking Championship season 11.
Alissa Telusca is a contestant in the Kids Baking Championship season 11. (Source: naplesnews)

She is taking advantage of this chance to gain further knowledge of baking and get to know new people with different abilities and styles.

She is grateful to the show for allowing her to demonstrate her talents and passion and for backing her up.

Who Are Alissa Telusca Parents And Family?

Alissa Telusca, the contestant in Kids Baking Championship, is a talented young baker with a supportive family.

Her mother, Emmanuela Telusca, and Father, Chertilus Telusca, have been with Alissa every step, encouraging her to pursue her dream of becoming a top pastry chef.

Alissa Telusca’s parents and the role they have played in her success.

How Much Does Alissa Telusca Have Net Worth?

The net worth of Alissa Telusca, a competitor from shows like Kids Baking Championship, is a mystery as neither she nor the show makers have released any information about her earnings.

This has led to a great deal of curiosity among audiences and the media. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information available on what she earns.

Her mother handles Alissa Telusca's Instagram.
Her mother handles Alissa Telusca’s Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

In most seasons, there have been twelve contestants, although some have featured as few as eight. Traditionally, the Kids Baking Championship winner is awarded $25,000 in cash and a feature in Food Network Magazine.

However, season one featured a different prize of $10,000 and a full kitchen remodels for the winner’s parents’ House; additionally, Charm City Cakes recreated the winning cake and sold it.

Season seven premiered on August 5, 2019, and season nine was announced to premiere on December 28, 2020. Season ten is set to premiere on December 27, 2021.

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How Does Alissa Telusca Sell Cake Via Social Sites?

Alissa Telusca has dedicated clients who rely on her services. Her business, Issa’s Cake Dreams, sells cakes starting at $30 for a 6-inch.

Her most impressive cake was a 12-inch confetti cake with blue and pink sprinkles and two fondant teddy bears for a baby shower, which cost $85.

It all started in 2021 when she created a special vanilla cake with black cherries for her dad, Chertilus, for Father’s Day.

This was the beginning of her journey to perfecting her baking craft and creating the delicious, artfully designed cakes she makes today.

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