Amalia Ulman: Career, Accident & Net Worth

If you are a fan of the artwork, then you must have been already familiar with the name Amalia Ulman.

Amalia is an Argentinian artist and a New York City-based director. Her practice is related to performances, video, installation, and net-art works.

Furthermore, she tries to mention the issues of gender, class, middlebrow aesthetics, and sexuality in her work.

Similarly, she recently debuted on a bigger screen after her two successful short movies.

Moreover, her feature movie has already won a couple of renowned awards and wide recognition.

Amalia Ulman posing for a photo in an event.
Amalia Ulman is posing for a photo in an event.

Additionally, Amalia is full of creativity, and she is fond of experimenting with new things.

So, how much do you know about your favorite artwork artist? If you are not much aware of Amalia, you are at the perfect place to learn more about her.

In this article, you will find detailed information about her early days, family background, education, and many more.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick astonishing facts about Amalia Ulman:

Full name Amalia Ulman
Date of birth January 20, 1989
Age [calculate_years datestring= “01/20/1989”] years old
Birthplace Buenos Aires, Argentina
Parents Not available
Siblings Not available
Nationality Argentinian
Citizenship Argentina
Religion Not available
Race White
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Body type Slim and curvy
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Eye color Light Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Not available
Children Not available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hobbies Not available
High School Not available
College Central Saint Martins
Profession Multidisciplinary artist
Movies Excellence and Perfections
Shanghai Fire (2019)
El Planeta (2021)
Books Excellence and Perfections
Pigeon Bob (2017)
Bob, a job is a job is a job
Years active 2012- present
Net worth $1 million – $1.5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud
Last update [current-month], [current-year]

Amalia Ulman: Early life and Family Background

Amalia was born on 20th January of 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moreover, there is information on her parents’ names.

Amalia’s father used to run a skateboard factory in Argentina. However, the business came to an end because of the financial crisis in 1989 when Amalia was just born.

Similarly, she refers to her father as punk and her mother as Generation X. Thus, Amalia hates her family structure. Likewise, she also hates any social conventions as well. Amalia is a Russian nihilist.

Moreover, her family moved to Spain when she was young. Sadly, they were mistreated as immigrants. Furthermore, a swastika was painted on the front door of their house.

Amalia Ulman: Educational Background

There is no information regarding her high school education. However, she got a scholarship from Central Saint Martins. Further, she graduated in 2013.

Amalia Ulman: Age, Height, and Weight

Amalia’s exact details about her body measurement are unavailable. However, it can be said that she has a perfectly slim curvy body.

Similarly, the artist has beautiful light brown color eyes and often shoulder-length light brown color hair.

Furthermore, the January-born artist zodiac sign is Capricorn. As of traits of Capricorn, she is practical, independent, and self-reliant.

Amalia Ulman: Relationship Status

Despite being a public figure, Amalia has kept her personal life stuffs completely private. For example, she has not disclosed anything about her relationship.

Moreover, it is rumored that she is married and lives with her husband in New York City.

Amalia Ulman: Professional Career


Amalia started her career a year before her graduation.

She officially kicked off her career in 2013 by presenting a video essay Buyer, Walker, Rover as a Skype lecturer in the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Similarly, in 2014, she made two solo presentation shows in Los Angeles, CA. She also presented Used & New at Itd Los Angeles and Delicious Work at Smart Objects, also in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, the artist solo presented The Destruction of Experience at Evelyn Yard in London during the Frieze Art Fair in October 2014.

Besides, Amalia’s first solo show was in January 2015 in New York at the James Fuentes Gallery. Moreover, she presented Stock Images of War for the show.

Furthermore, Amalia started another second-year-long Instagram performance Privilege at the end of 2015 and lasted until shortly after the US presidential election of 2016.

Moreover, her Privilege work is an exaggerated version of herself that explores diversity in a corporate office setting.

Similarly, in 2019, in the B-hoping at Boers-Li Gallery, Amalia’s work was presented in Beijing, China.

In addition, the exhibition was from April 19 to May 25. Furthermore, her works were exhibited from May 28 to June 27 in the Lifeblood Film Club by Christian Anderson in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Excellence and Perfections

In 2014, she initiated “Excellence & Perfections” on her Instagram, a four-month performance.

Again, Amalia fabricated a fictional character and unfolded stories in three different episodes.

Moreover, she intended to manipulate the audiences and prove how easily the mainstream archetypes can manipulate people.

Similarly, the artist used to take selfies of sneaking into hotels and restaurants in Los Angeles and post them on social media as if she was documenting real life.

Interestingly, in 2016 “Excellence & Perfections” was a part of the Electronic Superhighway Exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Amalia Ulman posing for a photo.
Amalia Ulman is posing for a photo.

Consequently, again in 2016, Excellences and Perfections were included in the group exhibition Performing for the Camera at the Tate Modern, London, England.

Moreover, the exhibition lasted from February 18 to June 12, 2016. Similarly, the show examined a relationship of over 500 works spanning 150 years from the invention of photography to today’s selfie culture.

Besides, the exhibition examined Amalia Ulman’s Instagram-based project in the historical context of photographic performances.

Furthermore, the exhibition was installed as a part of the Electronic Highway at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, England.

Consequently, Amalia is the first social network-based artist to enter top institutional galleries.


Amalia has directed two short films until now. Similarly, her first short movie is The Future Ahead (2015). In addition, she directed and produced the movie.

Likewise, The Future Ahead is a short movie related to the growth from angelic teenager to the hetero-normative white male of Justin Bieber.

Similarly, Amalia released her second short movie in 2019 named Shanghai Fire (2019).

In addition, the movie cast includes Saoirse Bertram. Furthermore, the story’s plot is about a girl killing her time from flights to a hotel room.

And when suddenly, her boredom is disrupted by a piece of TV news about an outbreak of fires in California, United States.

Amalia Ulman: Pigeon Bob (2017)

The book of Amalia Ulman, Pigeon Bob (2017), is related to pigeons as they are now reviled as rats with wings.

Furthermore, the book revolves around a Bob who puts on a suit and hops feet first into the gig economy.

Moreover, Jean Boite Editions published the book in 2017. Similarly, the total length of the book is 12 pages.

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Amalia Ulman: El Planeta (2021)

After her successful career in artwork, Amalia premiered her first feature film, El Planeta (2021), at the Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim on January 30, 2021.

Similarly, Amalia herself wrote, produced, and directed the movie. Moreover, the film was shot in Black and White.

Amalia herself and her mother stared in a movie. Furthermore, the other cast includes Nacho Vigalondo, Zhou Chen, and Saoirse Bertram. In addition, the official distributor of the film is Utopia.

Similarly, the movie is an American-Spanish absurdist comedy genre based on the real-life Spanish mother-daughter petty-crime duo.

Moreover, the movie revolves around the story of a mother and a daughter facing eviction in post-crisis Spain and scamming their way to a comfortable living.

Furthermore, the movie was shot in Gijon, the town in Spain where Amalia was brought up.

Moreover, the movie was screened at the Brisbane International Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival in October and November 2021.

Similarly, the movie has been nominated and won several awards. The win includes as follows:

  1. Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema: Best Director
  2. Galway Film Fleadh: Peripheral Visions Award
  3. Jerusalem Film Festival: Best International Debut
  4. Oak Cliff Film Festival: Best Narrative Feature
  5. Toulouse Cinespana: Winner, Best Screenplay

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Amalia Ulman: Accident

In 2013, Amalia was traveling from New York City to Chicago.

Sadly, the Greyhound bus she was traveling collided with a tractor-trailer in White Deer Township, Pennsylvania, at 1.45 am.

Unfortunately, one of the passengers died on the spot, whereas almost every passenger was injured badly.

Likewise, Amalia shared in an interview that when she woke up, her bone was sticking out of her legs.

The photo of a bus in which Amalia got an accident.
The photo of a bus in which Amalia got an accident.

Moreover, she had to spend two months in a hospital high on morphine. Consequently, Amalia’s legs were shattered badly.

However, after a lot of physical therapy, they were put back together. Apart from this, Amalia has not been a part of any such injuries.

Amalia Ulman: Net Worth

Sadly, there is no information about her annual income.

The estimated net worth of Amalia Ulman is about $1 million – $1.5 million.

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Amalia Ulman: Social Media

Amalia is available on different social media. However, she is not the most active on any social media.

Similarly, Amalia’s Instagram account is verified. In addition, her follower count is 139k.

Likewise, Amalia is available on Soundcloud. However, she is not active since her accident in 2013.

Furthermore, Amalia’s Twitter username is @amaliaulman. Similarly, the director has over 4.7k followers on her account.

As of her bio, she joined Twitter in November 2010. Likewise, she often retweets other tweets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who published Amalia Ulman’s Excellence and Perfections as a book?

After a grand success of Amalia’s Excellence and Perfections, her work was published by Prestel as an art book.

Similarly, the book includes the Instagram feeds which Amalia used for the project and essays by German artist Hito Steyerl, editor Rob Horning and many others.

What was Amalia Ulman’s Stock Images of War show related to?

Amalia Ulman’s Stock Image of War is an impressive installation composed of twelve simple wire-frame sculptures.

Moreover, each frame was after a different month of the year, such as “War in January,” “War in February,” etc.

Where is Amalia Ulman’s next movie supposed to be shot?

After Amalia’s success in El Planeta (2021), her next movie is related to climate change and will be shot in Argentina. Moreover, she was born there.

However, the name of the movie and everything is to be announced.

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