Lynette Romero

Lynette was involved in an accident on July 17, 2021. The Chandelier hit Lynette when the incident happened. Let’s explore what happened to her.

American Journalist, reporter, media personality, and news anchor Lynette Romero works in these fields. She is the well-known spokesperson for the KTLA news channel. 

Lynette received praise for her outstanding news presentations. She reports distinctively. Once she emerged from the channel, people began looking for her.

Lynette Romero KTLA Accident: What Is Wrong With Emmy Award Winning Reporter?

On KLTA, Lynette Romero has long been a well-known face. But when she disappeared from the station, people were shocked. 

Several sources claim Lynette was involved in an accident on July 17, 2021. The Chandelier hit Lynette when the incident happened. It caused her serious injury. Despite being taken right away to the hospital, she required 11 stitches.


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Lynette Romero fans tweet for speed recovery
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After 24 years with KTLA, she decided to leave and seek a new opportunity in 2022. The network wrote this article. The network also sent Lynette its best wishes for her upcoming journey.

According to reports, a chandelier collapsed on a news reporter, who required 11 stitches. On social media, viewers were quick to wish her a swift recovery. Lynette hasn’t provided any updates as of yet. But we can anticipate her coming back shortly.

Who Is Lynette Romero? Meet Her Husband

Since 1999, Lynette has worked as a news anchor for KTLA and has won multiple Emmy Awards. According to their official website, Lynette had joined the organization as a general assignment reporter.

However, she was able to demonstrate her talent in a short amount of time. Lynette received the Golden Mike Award in her first year from the Southern California Radio and Television News Association.

She later joined additional reporting on KTLA Prime News. For the same, Lynette was given the Golden Mike Award a second time. Before working for KTLA, Lynette spent ten years at Denver’s KUSA-TV.

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David Angulo is the husband of Lynette Romero, according to Lynette and David Angulo were classmates in college. In 1994, she participated in a five-week Spanish immersion program where she met David Angulo, the man who would become her husband.

Her mother’s name is Viola Lydia Nuanzes, and her father is Andy Andelecio Romero. She has been happily married for 18 years to her spouse. Her daughter is currently 18 years old.

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