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Nick Chavez Death: Was the Hairstylist Passing Due to Cancer?

Famed hairstylist Nick Chavez has died at the age of 66, according to an obituary published on December 24, 2022.

His unexpected passing has shocked many, including celebrities who have shared their condolences on social media.

Chavez was well-known for his hairstyling techniques and established a successful business selling beauty products such as shampoo and conditioner under the brand “Nick Chavez Beverly Hills.”

In addition to his work in the beauty industry, he made television appearances to discuss related topics.

While the cause of his death has not been officially announced, it is believed that he may have passed away due to complications from Cancer.

He had previously been diagnosed with the disease and underwent chemotherapy in April of 2022, which reportedly reduced the size of his tumor.

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Chavez was married to his wife Alima, though the couple did not often share details about their relationship in the public eye. It is unknown how Alima is faring after the news of her husband’s death.

Many remember Chavez for his kind and supportive nature, with host Mary Beth Roe expressing her heartbreak over his passing and stating that no one quite liked him. His talent and dedication to his clients and customers will surely be missed.

Meet Nick Chavez Wife Alima

Nick Chavez, the famous hairstylist whose death was recently announced, was married to his wife, Alima.

Despite not often sharing details about their relationship in the public eye, the couple appeared to be inseparable.

Nick Chavez
Nick Chavez is a famous hairstylist

Alima may be grieving the loss of her beloved husband and is likely coping with the difficult situation with the support of her family.

It is unknown how Alima is faring now, as she has not made any public statements.

Nick Chavez’s wife played a supportive role as he battled a chronic illness, and it is hoped that she will be able to find strength and healing in the aftermath of his death.

Did Hairstylist Nick Chavez Die From Cancer? Health Updates

Hairstylist Nick Chavez was diagnosed with cancer that affected his pancreas and underwent chemotherapy in April 2022, which reportedly reduced the tumor size.

It is unclear if his death at age 66 was related to his previous health struggles.

Nick Chavez has built a successful career as a hairstylist, working with a range of high-profile clients, including Margeaux Hemmingway, Lisa Hartmann, Belinda Carlisle, Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, George Lopez, Queen Noor, and Michelle Stafford.

However, he found it challenging to find quality hair care products that would meet the needs of his diverse customer base.

Determined to find a solution, he created his own line of products under the brand “Nick Chavez Beverly Hills” to help his clients achieve healthy, shiny, beautiful hair and the “Every Day Gorgeous™” look.

Nick Chavez Parents And Family

Chavez was deeply influenced by his grandmother, who had Yaqui roots and taught him about holistic healing remedies. He also had a passion for horseback riding and was a Silver Olympic Blade winner.

After graduating from Yuma Union High School, Chavez moved to California and began working as a cleaner and sweeper at a salon in Beverly Hills.

He quickly proved himself as a talented stylist. He was eventually promoted, even touring Europe with designers Jean-Paul Gaultier and Yves St. Laurent and appearing on the covers of Vogue, GQ, and Elle.

Chavez returned to Beverly Hills and continued to build his career as a hairstylist, eventually establishing his own salon and becoming one of the most well-known names in the industry.

He passed away at 66, just a week after his birthday. His mother passed away in December 2019.

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