What Happened To Mahsa Amini?

What Happened To Mahsa Amini? Arrest Charge And Death Cause

People are curious to know what happened to Mahsa Amini. Here’s what you need to know about the incident.

The death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who was hospitalized in a coma two hours after being abducted off the streets of Tehran by the so-called “morality patrol,” has sparked outrage across Iran.

According to a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council, the Iranian woman was jailed in Tehran last week for wearing an ‘improper’ hijab.

What Happened To Mahsa Amini?

What happened between the time Mahsa was separated from her brother and brought for “re-education” at a police station on Vozara Avenue and when she was hurried to Kasra Hospital is unknown. 

The young woman from Saqqez was on vacation with her family when the van drew up behind her and her brother Kiarash just after 6 pm on Tuesday. According to all reports, she was in good health at the time. She was braindead hours later.

“Code 99, notify Kasra.” A Tehran Emergency Services paramedic sent this message over the radio at 7:25 pm on Tuesday, September 13. In Iran, doctors and medical professionals use the code “Code 99” to signal that a patient is approaching death.

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Mahsa Amini Death Cause Revealed

The order arrived while Mahsa was already on her way to the hospital. Doctors stated on the first official form filed upon arrival, “In Vozara, Ms. Mahsa Amini experienced a sudden heart arrest, and the paramedic gave her CPR.”

Sadaf, one of the other young women “arrested” by the patrol that night, informed Iran Wire that she wasn’t in the same vehicle as Mahsa. But they were at Vozara together, and she was there when Mahsa fell.

The woman said they confiscated their cell phones and ordered everyone to sit on one side. Mahsa fell to the ground and smacked her head on the chair shortly after sitting. She paid no attention to Mahsa when she fell. One of the girls who knew Mahsa approached her and grabbed her in her arms.

Mahsa Amini being hospitalized (Source: Twitter)

The group attempted to resuscitate Mahsa by lifting her, splashing water on her face, and speaking to her, but she remained unconscious. Sadaf stated that the first professional medic arrived immediately. Sadaf claimed that it appeared they had their paramedics present because one of them was examining Mahsa in less than two minutes.

According to Sadaf, everyone was screaming and crying. The girl holding Mahsa told her to keep quiet because her blood pressure had decreased. The paramedic was injecting something into Mahsa’s arm at the time. But then he threw her down on the floor and began performing CPR on her. 

Sadaf reported that she could only see the whites of Mahsa’s eyes when she looked at her. Everyone yelled in fear and called them murderers.

Protests After Mahsa Amini Died

Meanwhile, there were indications of more protests on Sunday, and the hashtag #MahsaAmini quickly became one of the most popular on Persian-language Twitter.

Outside of Iran, Iranian activists have asked women to remove their headscarves and cut their hair in solidarity with Amini.

Mahsa Amini 1
Mahsa Amini on the front page of a newspaper in Tehran. (Source: thenationalnews)

Mashih Alinejad, an Iranian Journalist and human rights activist, tweeted a video of a rally supporting Amini at Tehran University on Sunday. The National could not verify the clip.

According to reports, some outraged protestors marched to the local governor’s office to condemn the tragedy.

On Sunday, the BBC Persian Service claimed it had authenticated video of security personnel firing on protestors.

Netblocks, a monitoring organization that monitors internet governance, tweeted on Saturday that internet connectivity has affected several regions throughout Iran since the news of Amini’s death broke.

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