Manuela Tischler Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was The NTV Presenter?

The death news of the NTV presenter Manuela Tishler has left her fans with great sorrow. Albeit a popular figure, she is yet to have a separate Manuela Tischler Wikipedia page. So, find out the career, legacy & affiliation with Artur Brauner.

Manuela Tischler was a news presenter for a German news channel called NTV in Berlin from 1999 to 2003.

The recent discovery of her body by Lake Wössner has sparked an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her tragic passing.

Apart from her time at NTV, she was also involved with other organizations. She had a connection to RBB, a public broadcaster in Germany.

Additionally, she had some affiliation with Deutsche Bahn, which is a big German railway company.

She was also somehow linked to the German Armed Forces, known as the Bundeswehr. Based on her Xing profile, Tischler pursued various roles in her career.

She described herself as working independently as a consultant for public relations, a journalist involved in moving images and TV broadcasting, and a trainer in media-related matters.

Manuela Tischler Wikipedia: The Missing Link To Artur Brauner’s Legacy

While Manuela Tischler’s Wikipedia may not feature this fascinating detail of her life, she has been able to relate herself with a famous legendary name ‘Artur Brauner.’

Her connection to the renowned film producer Artur Brauner is through her marriage to Sammy Brauner, Artur Brauner’s son.

Artur Brauner, widely known as ‘Atze’ Brauner, held a significant position in the German film industry.

Manuela Tischler Wikipedia
Manuela Tischler with father-in-law Artur Brauner. (Source: MSN)

He established the Central Cinema Compagnie (CCC) following World War II and went on to produce a multitude of films, collaborating with notable actors, including Romy Schneider, Lex Barker, and Kirk Douglas.

Artur Brauner’s contributions to the film world were extensive and impactful. He passed away in 2019 at the remarkable age of 100.

Manuela Tischler’s relationship with Sammy Brauner began in 2010 after meeting at an event. After dating each other for about eight years, they tied the knot in 2018.

Although They did not have any children, her connection to the Brauner family forever tied Manuela Tischler Wikipedia to the legacy of Artur Brauner and his illustrious career in cinema.

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Tragic Passing of Manuela Tischler: Police Investigation

Unfortunately, Manuela Tischler tragically lost her life. A passerby on the shores of Lake Wössner in Chiemgau, Bavaria, discovered her body.

However, initially, the police did not confirm her identity publicly, stating that the body was that of a 58-year-old woman from Marquartstein.

She was identified as the deceased through the efforts of her husband, Sammy Brauner. The police believe her death was the result of a tragic accident.

Manuela Tischler Husband
Manuela Tischler with her Husband. (Source: Newsrnd)

Tischler had planned to go swimming in Lake Wössner on Thursday evening.

However, when her husband arrived at their shared home in Bavaria from Berlin on Friday afternoon, he found she was absentrompted him to report her as missing to the authorities.

While the tensions were rising about her not reaching out and being out of contact, a passerby had already found Tischler’s body in the reeds along the northern shore of Lake Wössner and alerted the police.

Initially, identifying her was challenging due to the absence of identification documents. It was only after Sammy Brauner’s call to the police that her identity was confirmed.

An autopsy conducted at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Munich was expected to determine the exact cause of death.

Manuela Tischler’s life story is one of intriguing career ventures, a significant connection to Artur Brauner’s legacy, and a tragic ending that has left many questions unanswered.

Hopefully, Manuela Tischler Wikipedia will someday be able to add the reason for her unfortunate death in her bio, and her family will get some peace of mind.

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