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Autumn Beat: Who Is Hamed Seydou? Age Girlfriend And Net Worth

Hamed Seydou has entered the cinema with a lead role in Autumn Beat. The actor has portrayed the role of Tito in the musical Drama.

Actor Hamed Seydou is 22 years old. He was born in Sokodé, Togo, and moved to Turin, Italy, when he was four. There, he attended school.

Though first persuaded to pursue a career in sports, he eventually changed his mind and enrolled in Dams in Turin after high school to pursue his passion for acting, directing, and writing. He attended the Turin Academy of Actors at the same time.

The actor Will Smith, who enchanted him in “The Pursuit of Happiness,” is someone he aspires to emulate as an actor. Seydou began his career in acting by taking on a few supporting roles before being chosen to play the lead in the Amazon Original Film “Autumn Beat.”

Autumn Beat: Who Is Hamed Seydou?

Hamed Seydou is a rising actor who is in the limelight for being a leading actor in Autumn Beat.

Hamed Seydou
Hamed Seydou on Fendi looks (Source: Instagram)

Born in Sokodé, the actor had an initial plan of playing football. However, he discovered his passion for acting, directing, and writing hence following his dreams.

He has attended the Academy of Actors in Turin. 

Hamed is highly impressed by the acting of Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happiness” and hence wants to be like him in the coming days.

Talking about Autumn Beat, the movie directed by Antonio Dikele Distefano will release on November 10, 2022. In the film, Hamed plays the role of Tito, who knows to write songs.

On the other hand, Tito’s brother Paco is a born performer. The brothers have the same dream of breaking into the rap world, falling for the same woman, and testifying their bond.

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How Much Is Hamed Seydou Age?

Hamed Seydou is currently twenty years old. The young man has just entered his twenties and will turn twenty-one in the coming year.

He was born to his parents in Togo in 2002. However, the twenty years, Hamed has not revealed the details of his parents to his fans.

Seydou arrived in Turin, Italy, at the age of four. Probably, he migrated with his parents at such a young age.

The actor had also been to Dams in Turin to pursue his career in acting.

Though Hamed has not opened up much about his details, he will interact and share about himself in the coming days after getting screened by his fans.

Does Hamed Seydou Have A Girlfriend?

Hamed Seydou has not revealed his girlfriend yet. Seydou has not talked about his loved ones either.

Hamed Seydou Girlfriend
Hamed Seydou with the lady he has crush on Autumn Beat (Source: YouTube)

The twenty-year man seems to be married and busy developing his career at the moment.

His Instagram handles @hamedseydou_ only feature four photographs, three are related to his upcoming movie, and the latest photograph is of himself. In the picture, he is wearing Fendi clothes under Agave-Consulenze Creative Agency.

Seydou is probably considering being with someone after accomplishing his successful acting career. He would undoubtedly show his love to the public after being in a relationship.

Hamed Seydou Net Worth 2022

Hamed is a rising actor and has not revealed his net worth to the general audience. The actor probably has some thousand dollars from playing supportive roles in the past.

Hamed Seydou Net Worth 2022
Hamed Seydou on th eposter of Autumn Beat (Source: IMDb)

He has struggled much in the past to get to the position where he is in today.

2022 has been an incredible year for him and has brought Autumn Beat. His acting skill will get him big projects in the coming years.

Hamed seems to be a promising actor and undoubtedly increase his cash flow in the coming days.

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