Ben Bergquam Wife

Who Is Ben Bergquam Wife Villy? Married Life Family And Accident Update

Ben Bergquam and his wife, Villy Bergquam, identify as conservative Christians.

Ben describes himself as a devoutly Christian conservative husband, Father, and brother who loves his country, the United States, and the principles upon which it was founded.

He is the current correspondent for Real America’s Voice News and oversees election security in Maricopa County. He attempts to inspire the next generation of conservative Christian families to uphold this momentous occasion.

Who Is Ben Bergquam Wife Villy?

Villy Bergquam and Ben Bergquam have been together for more than 14 years.

Chloe and Olivia, the couple’s amazing daughters, are a blessing.

Ben Bergquam Wife
Ben Bergquam with his Wife and daughters (Source: Instagram)

The own family is currently frequently seen visiting and having a great time. They had recently visited Nigeria Waterfalls while in New York for sightseeing.

Ben Bergquam Parents: Where Are They From?

Ben was born into a Christian family in Dallas, Texas. While serving as missionaries, his Father and mother spent five years in Africa, where his mother trained as a nurse and his Father as a pastor.

They eventually returned to America in 1989, spending years in San Jose and Fresno before erecting a House in the Clovis Mountains. 

He has since lived inside the foothills of the Tollhouse. After graduating from Sierra High School, he attended Fresno State to obtain his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

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He lives close to Fresno but aspires to return to his hometown one day with his daughters.

Ben Bergquam Biography Revealed 

Ben Bergquam is a Texas-based conservative reporter. He works as a correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV).

He believes that his social conservatism comes from his mother and Father, which is why he upholds it. He contends that the simplest two identities cannot be decided between and that homosexuality is what the Bible defines it to be. 

He views liberalism as a social blight that has replaced the creator with the created, supported life with death, and replaced economic freedom with socialist and communist robbery and destruction. He worked in artificial grass for three years before becoming involved in activism.

Ben owns Ground Force Fitness, which focuses on new market trends, coaching, and outdoor practical fitness education. He is currently working as a Director at Frontline America. The organization aims to expose American leftist and communist lies.

Additionally, he gives Christian conservatives the authority to reclaim their place as the foundation of the United States as “one u. S. Under God.”

Ben Bergquam Family Accident Update

His family encountered a terrible accident on June 21, 2021, on the way to Arkansas.

After dinner, they drove a golf cart home when it rolled onto its side. Bergquam’s wife sustained the most severe injuries from the collision because she was in the passenger seat. She fractured her scapula and backbone and suffered three breaks in her pelvis.

 Ben Bergquam Wife
Ben Bergquam Family Picture (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Ben sustained injuries to his right foot and legs, and Olivia, Ben’s daughter, sustained abrasions to the skin on her legs. Villy underwent surgery, but the initial procedure had to be delayed because the doctors had broken her femoral artery. Ben gave his followers regular updates on her condition and urged them to pray for her.

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She has thankfully recovered after more than a year. Ben thanked her for healing without experiencing any pain on Instagram.

He thanked Steve Bannon, the War Room team, @realamericasvoice, and all of his friends and relatives in the state! He wrote, “We made it through thanks to your prayers and encouragement.”

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