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Bill Maher Net Worth: Lifestyle & Movies

Multi-talented American celebrity Bill Maher has an astounding net worth of $140 Million.

William Maher, Commonly known as Bill Maher, is an American comedian, actor, political commentator, and television host.

Bill Maher was born on January 20, 1956, in New York City, United States of America.

Meanwhile, the stand-up comedian is known for his political satire and comment based on the country’s socio-political context.

Bill Maher smiling for camera.
Bill Maher is smiling for the camera.

Additionally, the celebrity has been nominated for Prime Time Emmy several times and honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Also, Maher was ranked in the fifth number among the top 100 greatest standup comedians by comedy central.

Owing to his versatility, Bill Maher earns his net worth from various fields like movies, television, and books.

Quick Facts

Before diving into the net worth of Bill Maher, let us know some quick facts about him:

Full Name  William Maher
Nick Name Bill Maher
Date of Birth January 20, 1956
Birth Place New York, USA
Religion Agnostic
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Pascack Hills High School & Cornell University
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Father’s name William Aloysius Maher Junior
Mother’s name Julie Maher
Siblings Kathy Maher
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/20/1956″] Years Old
Height 5 Feet and 8 Inches
Weight 74Kg
Hair color Grey and Black
Eye color Grey
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-Girlfriend Coco Johnsen, Karine Steffans, Cara Santa Maria, Anjulie Persaud
Children Not Available
Profession Actor, Comedian, Television, and Books
Social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Awards 40 Primetime Emmy awards nominee, Hollywood walk of fame
Net worth $140 Million
Website Bill Maher
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net worth and income

Bill Maher has a net worth of $140 million.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher grabs a huge sum of money from his performance and side business.

Bill Maher grabs an annual salary of around $10 Million.

And, he collects his income from movies, investments, and books as well.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, the comedian is into a healthy lifestyle and frequently advocates staying fit.

And, he used frequently play basketball.

Besides, the real-time celebrity is also a fitness geek and has hired a trainer for his fitness schedule.

Also, he usually takes a huge glass of juiced vegetables in the morning.

Likewise, for dessert, he only takes a bite if someone offers him as a courtesy. Else, he avoids the desert.

Bill Maher is posing with smile.
Bill Maher is posing with a smile.

However, the HBO TV host is a supporter of Marijuana and regards it as a healthy thing if taken in limit and regards Obesity as the top crisis in America.

Likewise, he is primarily seen in suits and prefers the brand like Royal Park and Ball which costs over $1000.

Also, the comedian uses the products of Paul Smith, which costs over $1400, and Prada suits, which come in the massive range of $3000.

Also, Bill advocates for using natural products.

For example, he uses the shampoo of Let Nature Heal, which costs $32 for a single piece, and the bundle edition costs around $60.

And, in his free time, the television host loves fishing.


Bill Maher travels a lot around for his shows.

Recently, he has traveled to Hawaii and Vegas for refreshment.

Also, he went around places in Florida and Utah for recreation.

And, he has been to Europe and Paris for his time-out and posted his photos in Amsterdam, where he was cycling on the streets.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, with such huge net worth, Bill Maher has several properties.

In January 2020, Bill bought a condo in Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles for $1 Million.

The 1347 Square feet condo has two bedrooms and one and three-quarter bathrooms which he bought for his vacation refreshments.

Further, he owns a massive 3.2 acres property in the mountain above Beverly Hills worth $20 Million.


Meanwhile, with such a huge net worth, Bill possesses a luxurious car.

He owns a black Ferrari, which costs over $331,000.

Movies, TV-Shows, Investments, Books


Bill Maher debuted in the film industry from the Movie D.C. Cab, which was released in 1983.

Meanwhile, D.C. Cab collected an impressive sum of $16,134,000 in the worldwide box office collection.

Following this, in 1987, he played the role of John in the movie ‘House II: The Second Story,’ which made a worldwide collection of over $7.8 Million.

Similarly, he also played in notable movies like Ratboy (1986) and Pizza Man (1991).

And in 1998, Bill acted in ‘Primary Colors‘ that made a box office collection of over $39 Million.

Further, in 2001, Bill acted in the Tomcats, which made over $13 Million in worldwide box office collection.

Following this, Maher acted in ‘Inside Deep Throat’ in 2005, which plucked over $691,000 from the gross global collection.

In Aug 2008, Bill acted in ‘Swing Vote,’ which amassed over $14 Million in the worldwide box office.

In the same year, Religulous was released, collected an impressive amount of $13.8 Million.

Likewise, Bill had also cameo in ‘Iron Man-3‘, which collected $408 Million from the domestic collection and $1.2 Billion! from the worldwide collection. It was released in 2013.

Further, a year later, Bill made into acting in the movie ‘A Million ways to die in the West,’ which amassed $86 Million in the worldwide box office.

The movie made half of its earnings from the domestic collection.

Following this, a comic and popular movie ‘The Interview,’ was released in 2014, which made the collection over $12 Million.

Similarly, Bill acted in another blockbuster movie ‘Ted-2‘, a successful American comedy movie with over $217 Million in worldwide box-office.

In 2019, Bill appeared in ‘Late night,’ which made a box office collection of over $22 Million.


Meanwhile, Bill Earns a huge sum of money from his show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher.’

He has been hosting the show since 2003, and he is repeatedly paid on an average of $10Million.

Hence, Bill Maher has earned around $200 Million till 2021 from the single show.

Also, the tv-host grabbed millions of dollars from another show, ‘Politically Incorrect.’

In 2013, Maher acted in a TV Show called ‘House of Cards‘ that made a box office collection of $322,811.

Furthermore, Bill has had an appearance in various TV Shows like V.I.P, Snoops, True Blood and has earned an outstanding payment from those shows.


Meanwhile, Bill Maher’s majority of his net worth has resulted from his investments.

In 2012, Bill invested around 4% of his stake in the ‘New-York Mets,’ for about $20 Million.

As of 2021, the New York Mets are worth around $2 Billion, and his share has increased to a massive $80 Million.


Likewise, the comedian Bill Maher is also a successful author and earns a handsome profit from selling his books.

Meanwhile, he has written a novel called ‘True Story,’ which costs $14.99 for the kindle edition.

Also, Bill has written the book called ‘The New New Rules‘ that can be grabbed at $12.99 for the kindle edition and $15.82 for the hardcover edition.

And, another book, ‘New Rules,’ can be found at $12.99, ‘Does anybody has a problem with that?‘ for $18.04.

Similarly, in 2005 he wrote a book called ‘When you ride alone you ride with Bin laden‘ which has an audiobook version for $29.95 and paperback for $14.95

Hence, the author Bill Maher also earns a thousand dollars every year from his book sales.


Meanwhile, the comedian also does philanthropic works.

He has donated millions to various charities and noble causes and has supported gay marriage.

Bill also supports charities by conducting shows and donating the amount earned from the tickets or sponsorship to several charity organizations.

Also, he is one of the board members of PETA, which works for animals and the Humane Society.

And, he has supported organizations like Comic Relief, Dogs deserve better, Save the Chimps, Farms Sanctuary, and several other organizations.

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Initially, Maher started his career by appearing as a host in a stand-up comedy show in New York City.

Following this, he shared the screen with famous comedians like Johny Carson and David Letterman and made his debut in Hollywood in 1983 with the movie ‘D.C. Cab.’

And Bill played in numerous movies like Sitcom Sara (1985), Raboy (1986), Charlie Hoover (1991).

Bill Maher striking pose.
Bill Maher striking pose.

Furthermore, after giving his performance in various roles till 1993, Maher started his political show called ‘Politically Incorrect’ on Comedy Central that ran till 1997.

Also, the show ran on ABC from 1997 to 2002.

Additionally, Maher continued playing in movies till 2003 when he grabbed the HBO talk show ‘Real-time with Bill Maher‘, which is still running in 2021.

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3 Facts about Bill Maher

  • Interestingly, Bill Maher used to sell weed in his college.
  • Bill Maher is a die-hard fan of dogs and has shown his two dogs in a live show while filming from his home.
  • Also, he is the minority owner of the New York Mets.

Social Media

Meanwhile, the famous Bill Maher is insanely famous over the social media platform.

Twitter: 10.9Million

Facebook: 4.1Million

Instagram : 642K


“Suicide is man’s way of telling God; You can’t fire me – I quit.”

“Men are only as loyal as their options.”

“Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.”


What did Bill Maher’s Parents do?

Bill Maher’s father was a network news editor & radio announcer, and his mother was a nurse.

Who is Bill Maher Dating?

Bill Maher is still dating Anjulie Persaud.

Does Bill Maher eat meat?

Bill Maher, though he is a member of PETA, consumes a non-vegetarian diet a little.

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