Blippi Net Worth: YouTube & Earning

Popular Digital educator and YouTuber, Blippi has a net worth of $40 Million.

Stephen J. Grossman, also known as Stevin John and famous as Blippi, is an American Children’s Entertainer and Educator.

Meanwhile, he was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, and grew up surrounded by tractors, cows, and horses in his childhood.

Blippi is posing for camera.
Blippi is posing for the camera.

And, Blippi performs in his signature look, which is his blue and orange beanie cap, blue shirt, orange suspenders, and bow tie.

And, the entertainer is famous for his shows on the digital platform, including YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu.

However, the popular entertainer John was a loadmaster for the United States Air Force.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are some quick facts about Blippi before getting to know him in detail.

Full Name Stephen J. Grossman
Known as Blippi or Stevin John
Date of birth May 27, 1988
Place of birth Ellensburg, Washington
Residency Las Vegas
Age [calculate_years datestring=”05/27/1988″] Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Father Not Available
Mother Nancy
Siblings Not Available
Relationship Status Engaged
Girlfriend Alyssa Ingham
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 69Kgs
Education Not Available
Profession Entertainer, Educator
Years active 2014-Present
Social media Instagram, Twitter, FacebookYoutube
Net worth       $40 Million
Merch and Products Sold After Him Explore with Blippi, Blippi’s Great Green Adventure!, Balloons, Cake Topper, Jordan (Swiss)
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Blippi earns a handsome net worth from the digital platform.

Blippi earns as high as $55,000 in daily revenue and over $20 Million per year.

Similarly, Blippi has another channel called ‘Blippi Toys,’ which has over 8.86 Million subscribers and earns over $7.3 Million annually.

Also, Blippi earns his net worth from his online business, the Amazon Video, and various live shows & tours around the United States.

Blippi: Lifestyle and Vacations

Meanwhile, Blippi being a comedian and educator spends most of his time making videos.

He is always seen in his signature look beanie cap, which his mother weaves.

Regarding vacations and traveling, the educator travels a lot around the United States and refreshes his mind.

His vacation destination includes California, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, and several other places.

Also, he travels a lot for his shows and performances.

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Blippi: House

Meanwhile, Blippi has a house in Los Angeles’s Toluca Lake neighborhood.

Also, the house is worth around $2.8 Million and is spread over 41,00 square feet.

Likewise, it has four bedrooms with three and a half bathrooms.

Revenue, Streaming Website, and Investments

Revenue from Educational Videos

Meanwhile, Blippi runs his youtube channel through which he earns millions.

Similarly, Blippi has a video named ‘Blippi learns about Jungle Animals for Kids,’ which has over 864 Million views on youtube, and he earned around $6.2 Million.

His other video, named ‘Video for Toddlers with Blippi-Learn Colors and Number for children,’ has over 389 Million Views.

Moreover, from the views, he earned more than $2.4 Million.

Another popular video released in 2019 was ‘Detective Blippi Video for Children-Police Videos for Kids.’

The video has over 334 Million views and grabbed him a net worth of over $2.2 Million.

Similarly, another video called ‘Blippi learns at the Children’s Museum-Videos for Toddlers‘ has over 305 Million views and generated around $2.2 Million.

Furthermore, two years ago, he released a video called ‘Play at the play place with Blippi-Learn fruit and healthy eating with children.’

The video has around 221 Million views and generated an income of over $1.7 Million.

In 2017, Blippi released a video entitled ‘Halloween Songs for Kids with Blippi-Trick or Treat Nursery Rhyme,’ which made him an earning of around $1.6 Million from views over 257 Million.

And there is another video called ‘Blippi Visits an Ice-cream truck-Maths and Simple Addition for Children‘ that has over 234 Million views on YouTube.

And he earned $1.5 Million from the views alone.

Revenue-Toys Video

Meanwhile, Blippi also owns a second channel for toys-related videos.

Similarly, Blippi has a video named ‘Blippi plays at Children’s Museum-Learn Colors for Toddlers,’ which has over 463 Million views.

And he earned over $3.3Million just from views alone.

His other video, ‘Blippi at the indoor play place,’ has over 373 Million Views and generated around $2.18 Million.

Furthermore, another popular video named ‘Blippi Truck wash‘ was released back in 2018, which has 345 Million views and grabbed him a net worth of around $1.88 Million.

Similarly, another video called ‘Science video for kids with Blippi‘ has over 281 Million views and generated around $1.72 Million.

Likewise, ‘Blippi playing at the play place’ has over 196 Million views and generated around $1.56 Million.

In 2019, Blippi released a video entitled ‘Blippi explores fire trucks for children.’ The video has over 190 Million views.

And he earned around $1.52 Million from the views.

And there is another video called ‘Learn Fruits with Blippi‘ that has over 122 Million views on Youtube.

Blippi Espanol-Channel

Meanwhile, Blippi also earns from another channel. On this channel, the videos are published in the Spanish language.

In his Espanol channel, he has over 13.3 Million Subscribers.

His most popular video has more than 385 Million views, generating an income of over $3.08 Million from the views alone.

Likewise, there are several videos with over 100 Million views and gaining him a minimum of $800K from the single videos.

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Other Streaming Sites

Meanwhile, Blippi is also popular on an online streaming platform called Amazon.

And his videos have been in the top 100 self-published shows for several months straight.

Also, he has the Spanish version of the channel, which generated around 5 Million views making him an income of over $10,000 daily.

Blippi striking surprised pose.
Blippi striking surprised pose.

Here, the episodes cost around $1.99 per episode, while the full season costs around $59.99

And to watch the episodes of Blippi over the other platform called Hulu.

It costs around $5.99 per month to subscribe to his channel.


Meanwhile, apart from his youtube earnings, Blippi earns through his merchandise.

Meanwhile, his website has a shop section where apparel could be found.

Here, his replica hat could be grabbed for around $8.99, and his Tshirt & glasses could be picked for over $14.99

Similarly, a sneaker for toddlers worth $39.99 and a beanie cap worth over $9.99 can be found.

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Live Shows

Meanwhile, Blippi also earns a huge sum of money by performing live music shows for children mostly around the United States.

On his website, details about his shows and their dates are shown.

The show’s ticket price ranges from around $50 to over $800.

At one of the shows in Kentucky’s Louisville Palace Tickets, the ticket price was $50 to $70 for the balcony row seating, while the Orchestra seats were over $650.


Before his career in the entertainment platform, Stevin worked in US Air Force as a loadmaster.

Also, Blippi has worked as a dishwasher, cameraman, courtesy clerk, SEO specialist, and waiter.

Under the name of ‘Steezy Grossman, ‘ Stevin started playing commercials and making videos online.

Meanwhile, John got an idea of Blippi while watching his nephew drooling over the low quality of videos on youtube.

Blippi is regarded as an adult man who dresses up in shining bright clothes and dances around America.

Blippi is taking selfie.
Blippi is taking selfies.

Moreover, Blippi released his first video in 2014.

Likewise, Besides entertainment, John also educates the children keeping the mindset of children in his acting.


The entertainer does not keep his wealth to himself and donates his earnings to various noble causes.

Blippi brought his mask for sale, through which fifty percent of earnings was given to the Children’s First responder foundation.

Moreover, the organization provides financial support to the children of first responders.

Interesting Facts

  • Meanwhile, Blippi left the army job as he didn’t get much time to be with his family.
  • Blippi was also the 10th highest-paid personality on the planet in 2020.
  • His signature clothes, i.e., bow and tie, were designed by his mother.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Blippi is very popular among his fans and has a huge fan following on his social media platform. Data of his followers are

Youtube: 15.4 Million

Instagram: 621K

Facebook: 620K

Also, he has his Website.

Quotes of Blippi

“I believe that children are super smart, and they have good intuition.”

“I want parents to know Blippi is a safe place for their children.”

“My other idea was maybe I was going to be a director or something.”


What were the Duties of Blippi in the Military?

Blippi was used to ensure the cargo was placed in flight as per the flight’s permissible center of gravity.

What did Blippi dream of being in Childhood?

During Childhood, Blippi dreamt of being a limousine driver and a fighter pilot.

Why did Blippi face Criticism in 2019?

Blippi faced criticism in 2019 as he switched himself with another impersonator and disappointed his fans.

How much does Blippi make a year?

Blippi makes around $11 Million a year through YouTube and other revenues.

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