Frida Chavez

Frida Chavez: Early Life, El Chapo & Net Worth

Frida Chavez is renowned as the wife of a famous boxer and former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Additionally, she was married to El Chapo’s son. El Chapo is a Drug lord who is currently imprisoned in the USA.

Frida Chavez
Frida Chavez with her husband, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Although being popular has many perks, it also has some adverse effects.

Similar is the story of the wife of a popular Mexican boxer. However, the lady does enjoy the good side that comes along the fame.

Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about the beloved wife of Julio Cesar Jr.

Full Name Frida Munoz Chavez
Also known as Frida Muro
Date of birth July 26, 1987
Place of birth Mexico
Residence Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Age 36 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches (185 cm)
Weight Unknown
Body type Slim-fit
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Skin color Fair
Shoe size  Medium
Horoscope  Leo
Birthstone Peridot
Lucky number 4
lucky color Red
Education Unknown
Profession Model, Philanthropist
Father Unknown
Mother Josefina Roman
Siblings Kenia Morman
Marital Status Married
Husband Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Daughters (Hijas) and Son (Hijo) Frida Sofia Guzman, Julia Chavez, and Jilo Sesar Chaves III
Ex-Husband Edgar Guzman Lopez
Social media Instagram, Tiktok
Net worth $4 million
Merch Posters, Trading Card
Last Update May, 2024

Frida Chavez: Early life and Childhood

Frida Chavez was born on July 26, 1986. She was born and raised in the Sinaloa State of Mexico.

Her parents were hard-working people, and so is Frida. Frida has also known the value of hard work since her childhood.

Even though she has got rich and famous, Frida’s Personality is still down to earth. And that definitely comes from a good upbringing.

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Frida Chavez: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The boxer’s wife has a slim-fit body type. And she stands five feet seven inches tall. But, there is no information on her weight.

The beautiful lady has blonde hair and black eyes. Her physical features and slim body definitely makes Frida Chavez the perfect model.

Besides, she is a Mexican, and she has mixed ethnicity. Also, she follows Christianity.

Additionally, her sun sign is Leo, and her birthstone is peridot.

Frida Chavez: Educational Background

Frida attended a public school in her city in Mexico. And she also graduated high school in Mexico.

However, she didn’t continue her education after that. Hence, the lady doesn’t have an official graduation degree.

She married after completing high school. And then she never attended college.

Frida Chavez: Family and Personal Life

Frida was born to an average family in Mexico. Her mother’s name is Josefina Roman. But, we don’t have any information about her father.

Also, the model has never mentioned her father. So there must be a family story to this.

Besides her mother, Frida also has a sister. Her sister’s name is Kenia Roman.

And the model seems very close to her sister. They are often seen on vacations together.

In addition, Frida is also close to her In-Laws.

She was previously married to the late Edgar Guzman Lopez. And she also has a daughter from this marriage.

Sadly, they couldn’t stay together for a long time because of his untimely death.

Edgar was the beloved son of Joaquin “EL Chapo “Guzman.

Actually, El Chapo was a notorious drug lord. Even Frida was once on the verge of being charged for multiple drug cases of abuse.

However, only El Chapo was arrested. Whatever the history of such cases is, Frida is still close to her ex-husband’s father.

Who is Edgar Guzman Lopez?

Edgar Guzman Lopez was the son of Joaquin Guzman Loera and Grisekda Lopez Perez.

His father was the boss of the Sinaloa Cartel. And he is renowned as a Mexican Drug dealer.

Frida and Edgar married after graduating from high school. Sadly, he was assassinated in Culiacan, Mexico, on May 8, 2008.

Later, the model fell in love with Julio Ceaser Jr., and they married after being in a relationship for a long time.

However, they married secretly in private ceremonies.

Hence, the wedding information is under the wraps; there is no insight into their exact date of marriage.

Frida and Julio are parents to two children as of now. They have one beautiful daughter and a son.

Frida Chavez
Frida Chavez with her children

But Frida has a daughter from a previous marriage. And her name is Frida Sofia Guzman. And her first child with, Julio Ceaser Jr., is Julia Chavez.

Besides, they also have a son as their youngest child. His name is Julio Ceaser Chavez III.

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Who is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is a Mexican oppression boxer.

His full name is Julio Cesar Chavez Carrasco. Carrasco is actually his maternal family name.

Also, he is the son of retired boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez.

Actually, the boxer held the WBC middleweight title from 2011 to 2012.

He also fought in the Light welterweight, welterweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight.

The boxer has fought in sixty matches. Among these, he won fifty-two matches, lost six, and had a drawn-in one match.

In fact, the boxer started his professional boxing career only at the age of seventeen.

This six-foot-tall boxer was born on February 16, 1986, in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Also, the boxer has a reach of 73 in (183cm).

Julio Cesar Jr. was actually trained by two of his uncles. And then by the famous coach Freddie Roach.

Besides, the boxer had faced tough times at a young age. He was heartbroken by his parent’s divorce.

Also, the news of his father’s relationship with the actress Salma Hayek disturbed him.

However, he faced all the difficult situations in life and rose to fame.

Despite being on bad terms with his father, the junior did follow his father’s profession passionately.

Frida Chavez: Career and Professional life

Frida Chavez is a model and a philanthropist by profession. However, there is no official confirmation about her profession.

As for now, the lady is definitely enjoying her family life.

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Frida Chavez: Social media

Frida is also present on social media platforms. But, she doesn’t seem much active on social media platforms.

She is active on Instagram. And the boxer’s wife has over 74.2k followers.

Similarly, she also has an account on the musical platform Tiktok. This account has 83.5K followers, and 843.2K likes.

Apparently, the boxer’s wife seems to be enjoying the app. She often posts videos.

Likewise, her husband is also active on social media platforms.

His Instagram handle has over 738k followers with 4550 posts. In fact, the athlete seems to be posting pictures of his family and boxing matches.

Frida Chavez with her family
Frida Chavez with her family

Additionally, the boxer’s bio says, (51-4-1) 33 KOs the best. I’ve never won, but I lost. in life, everything is a matter of time”.

Similarly, his Twitter account has 258.3K followers. He joined the platform in October 2010.

Frida Chavez: Net worth

The net worth of Frida Chavez is $4 million. Actually, it is her husband’s net worth, Julio Ceaser Jr. There is no information about her individual net worth.

Reportedly, Julio earned $3 million in a fight against Cnalo Alvarez in 2017.

He has also collected estimated prize money of $10 million from his entire professional boxing career.

The couple also owns a lavish and beautiful house in Beverly Hills, California.

Additionally, they have multiple cars like Ferrari, which they flaunt on social media.

Likewise, her father-in-law Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., has a net worth of $10 million.

The senior Hcavez owns his own boxing studio. He also serves as a business analyst.

Interesting facts about Frida Chavez

  • In 2019, there was a rumor that Frida’s husband, Julio Cesar Jr., was cheating on her. In fact, he was seen with two half-naked women around him.
  • But, the pictures were clicked to frame the boxer. Also, the ladies stole an expensive watch and a three million dollar check from the player.
  • Frida is very close to her father-in-law and considers him a father figure.
  • Her eldest daughter has graduated from school. And she is recently aspiring to be a singer.
  • Also, her daughter Sofia often keeps visiting her paternal Grandfather.
  • Frida’s recent father-in-law is a six-time boxing champion.
  • The professional debut of her husband Julio Cesar jr. was on September 26, 2003.


Is Julio Cesar Jr. divorcing his wife Frida Chavez?

Julio Cesar Jr. hasn’t divorced his wife yet. However, there are rumors that the boxer has filed for divorce.

Is Frida Chavez related to Omar Chavez?

Yes, Omar Chavez is the younger brother of her husband, Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr.

Who is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr married to?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is married to Frida Chávez.

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