Mary Heneghan

Buffalo Irish Center Director Mary Heneghan Passed Away

Rest In Peace, beloved Mary Heneghan.

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, Mary Heneghan, director of buffalo Irish Centre departed from life. 

Her loved ones are not only from her family members but from all parts of the world. People worldwide have shown love and respect, keeping social media occupied. 

Personal life of Mary Heneghan

Mary was born in 1947. According to her Facebook profile, her late spouse’s name is Thomas Heneghan. In the meantime, Mary kay, Tary kay, Thomas(Debbie Massaro), Shannon(Vincent Lepera), and Barry(Tracy) are Mary’s children. 

She missed her late siblings: Late Jackie Breen and Late Noreen(late John). But she had living cousins too.  

Likewise,  up to 2022, she has three grandchildren: Lucy, Jonas Heneghan, and Allie Amoia. 

Mary was an educated person. She completed her schooling at Mt Mercy Academy and graduated from Buffalo New York University.

In addition to being the club director, she was also the owner and founder of the beautiful store Tara Gift Shoppe( Irish gifts store). 


The Buffalo Irish Centre is a club where the Irish language, dance, food, fashion, and genealogy are promoted, save through different festivals, sports, language learning centers, and dance competitions.

 It also provides various services from; The Pub, The Emerald Room, The Claddagh Room, GAAA Library, St. Pat Room, and KE Room.

Everyone can volunteer with their expertise with different projects as well as donate if someone has a wish to do.

Especially indigenous food of Irish is preserved and promoted by their canteen and cafe.

Moreover, there are facilities for prebooking, donating, and volunteering through websites and another medium like phone calls, email, and online platforms.

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However, the center’s history is quite old, and it was formed in 1970 by St. Patrick’s GAA and the Knights of Equity. Now it delivers services to more than a dozen Irish organizations and members. 

The Head Office is in Buffalo, NY 14220.

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Mary Heneghan Cause of death 

The cause of death is not known. Family members have also not stated the cause of her passing. For more updates, please check the channel.

 As usual, we will catch up with the latest verified statement and reform the article. 

Tribute to Mary Heneghan

Apart from being a director, she was also a social worker. People all over the world are in great shock with her departure. Social media is blazing with love, respect, and compassion words. 

Yes, she is also a national icon. All the credit goes to her for her work for the Irish community and other social work.  

No wonder It will take us a tremendous amount of time to heal from this wound. 

We also pray for her soul to find Peace and respect for her well-wishers, friends, relatives, colleagues, and several other lives that have supported her during her lifetime.

I guess those who know her but do not know her real-life story. Then let’s watch her video in her voice. 

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Obituary of Mary Heneghan

The full obituary of Mary is not yet published.

Unforgettable loss with the separation of loved ones is usually unexplainable. 

Mary Funeral plans.

Funeral services will be on Wednesday, August 3, at 11 am at St. Theresa’s church in South Buffalo.

The Mary’s Tribute will be available online on the Tara Gift Shop Facebook page.

Mary herself founds this gift shop. It has got numerous Irish gift collections. 

Apart from that, please help preserve the heritage and prestigious community lifestyle by donating, volunteering, purchasing a gift from Tara Gift Shop, or just by sharing the knowledge about her work and inspiring other community to join hands in collaborating to preserve and enjoy your root.

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