Alexandria Herring Net Worth

Alexandria Herring Net Worth: Details About The Young Associate Producer

The executive producer of The Try Guys, Alexandria Herring net worth is $300,000.

The producer of the YouTube channel makes a respectable living from her work on the channel. She has worked on the production line for over ten years and in several different businesses.

Due to her extramarital relationship with Ned Fulmer from the YouTube show The Try Guys, Herring is currently making headlines. Up to his departure in September 2022, Ned was a crew member.

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Alexandria Herring Net Worth: Her Age Explored

According to, the net worth of Alexandria Herring is thought to be $300,000. She earns money by producing and writing for different YouTube shows.

On the Try Guys channel’s subsidiary program, Food Babies, Alex makes an appearance. She works as the senior associate producer for Food Babies and is featured on the cover alongside senior editor YB Chang, where she makes the majority of her money.

Alexandria Herring
Alexandria Herring With Cindy Chen In An Interview (Source: Instagram)

Their YouTube videos receive more views and generate a sizable income. She earned communications and anthropology degree from the University of Hawaii. Additionally, her studies helped her land the job she wanted.

Following graduation, she worked in various roles in production, including personal assistant, film, and television. Alex also had the opportunity to work for a company that produced music videos.

HITC estimates Alexandria Herring to be roughly 30 years old.

Her parents, a Korean mother and perhaps an American Indian Father, gave birth to her in Los Angeles, California. She observed people from various cultures while growing up in California.

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Ned Fulmer and Alexandria “Alex” Herring Cheating Affair

The Try Guys YouTube channel’s Alex and Ned Fulmar affair is made public.

The relationship came to light after a Reddit member who purports to be Alex’s fiancĂ© revealed that he had learned of Ned and Alex’s relationship.

Ned Fulmar worked for The Try Guys until September 27, 2022, when he left the organization. After he was discovered to be having an adulterous relationship with the team member, Alexandria “Alex” Herring, the other group members announced that he would no longer be a member of the group.

Ned, a 25-year-old YouTube sensation, and his wife Ariel Fulmer have two sons together. Sadly, his relationship with his team member destroyed his little goodwill toward his family.

Ned has made several appearances on the program with his wife. Ned wrote about putting his family first in his post on the incident. He also expressed regret for the suffering, especially Ariel, and spoke on the importance of putting kids first to better their future.

Who Is Ned Fulmer? 

The American Youtube channel The Try Guys was started by Ned Fulmer. On June 11, 1987, he was born in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Try Guys group was developed in 2014 while working for BuzzFeed. He majored in chemistry at Yale University and worked in a chemistry lab before the formation of the organization.

He wed interior designer and podcast host Ariel Fulmer. Wesley James and Finley Fulmer, their other boys, are their only children. Ned was known for being devoted to his wife and family and centered his fandom on this bond.

Alexandria Herring Fiance Will Thayer

Will Thayer, Alexandria Herring’s prospective husband, and she had a long-standing connection.

Alex has been dating Will Thayer for ten years; they met at the University. After several years of being together, they ultimately decided to become engaged to make the transition to marriage simpler.

Alexandria Herring
Alexandria Herring With Her Fiance Will Thayer (Source: Instagram)

The information that Alex was participating in the fair with Ned Fulmer from The Try Guys Channel changed their relationship. Will Thayer reveals the relationship between Ned and Alex by exposing both of them. He claimed to have discovered the footage of Ned and Alex making out, along with the video evidence.

It was clear from the evidence that his girlfriend Alex had cheated on him. Thayer has since turned his Instagram account private. However, Alex hasn’t hidden her Instagram handle, and in earlier updated posts, she can be seen having fun with her fiancĂ©.

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