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Buk Buk, A 22-Year-Old Man Arrested For the Killing of Aaron Lowe

Buk Buk, also known by his full name Buk Mawut Buk has come into court as he was charged with the attempt to murder football player Aaron Lowe. This article will take a closer look at this bizarre case and the reasons behind the aggravated assault. 

At a Party in Sugar House, the football player Aaron lost his life after a big fight was initiated; he was shot. Despite the medical professional’s massive rush, they could not save the football player’s life. The whole world mourned the death of the talented young baller looking forward to a stellar career. 

Witnesses reportedly informed authorities that Lowe, Buk, and others disagreed in front of Lowe’s car shortly before the shooting. Fuamoli Pomale, 20, and a witness claimed that they had been attempting to diffuse the fight when a guy, who would subsequently be identified as Buk, crossed the street and began firing.

Buk Buk, A 22-Year-Old Man Arrested For the Killing of Aaron Lowe

When the football player Aaron Lowe was killed, there was an urgency shown by the Utah Police to catch the killer. Initially, the prime suspect in the case Buk Buk had said that he was not at the Party, which led to the death of the popular football player. 

But after listening to the interviews of witnesses and the intensive deduction of the case, Buk Buk was charged with multiple charges, aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, and obstruction of justice.

On Wednesday, charges were filed against the 22-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting University of Utah football player Aaron Lowe during a home Party in September.

Aggravated murder accusations in Utah are punishable by the death penalty if found guilty. After the preliminary hearing in the case, the prosecution will decide.

A probable cause report presented in the case states that Buk and other unwelcome visitors were asked to leave the Sugar House Party where Lowe, 21, was killed. The Salt Lake Tribune recently got an initial contact report claiming “several fights” all night long at the Party and that “the host started forcing people out.”

Lowe attempted to move his car, according to Pomale, but four males wouldn’t get out of the path. Another witness reported to the Police that they observed Buk take a gun from a partygoer seated in an attached garage. According to the witness, the incident “took place within seconds” as Buk went out of the garage with the gun.

Look Into The Life And Career Of Aaron Lowe: Gone Too Soon

Aaron Lowe was only 21 years old when he was shot to death by Buk Buk. The Party Aaron went to turn out to be his end as he and numerous others got into an argument that started to explode as guns were pulled out. 

Aaron was a talented footballer who was showing massive signs of improvement in recent years. He was looking forward to a very successful career, but he would never have it. 

Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe, 21, is gone too soon.
(Source: Yahoo! Sports)

A partygoer who recorded parts of the gunshots. According to the prosecution paperwork, the image depicts a man crossing the street while raising his palm to his stomach. It looked like he was clutching a “dark item.” The video captured two gunshots after he walked out of the shot.

A little while later, it reveals the man standing in front of Lowe and Pomale, lying on the ground in a park.

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